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EmuCR:PS2 emulatorPCSX2 SVN r4927 is released. PCSX2 is an open source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator for the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. With the most recent versions, many PS2 games are playable (although speed limitations have made play-to-completion tests for many games impractical), and several games are claimed to have full functionality.

PCSX2 SVN Changelog:
- Use float instead of int for the video framerate.
- Use 59.94 instead of 60 for the ntsc framerate.
This replaces a previous hackfix with a better one, but it's still not ideal.
The ideal solution for the video encoding side would be to use an actual fraction (60000/1001) and pass this fraction to the encoder.
The ideal solution for the gsdx side would be to deduce the real framerate from the timing parameters.
GSDX: I didn't even like that code when I changed it. Now I know why. And it looks much better this way.
GSDX: Whoops sorry I mixed two conflicting ideas into one.

Download: PCSX2 SVN r4927
Source: Here


  1. inb4byuuhatespcsx2becauseitsnotaccurate

  2. Hi, people. First I'd like to thank you you all for providing this.

    Lately, I am having such a strange issue. Dunno what is causing it but I used to emulate my games with the ISO on my external HD. But now it give some stuntering .-. Before wasn't as like this. Maybe it's a hardware fault or some change done with the meulador is causing it now. But thx anyway o/

  3. Goran H, Byuu is not assuming anything he's stating the true , the coders of pscx2 are just building in hack after hacks, and speed hacks to get the job done, at this pace and every 10 releases in least that 15 days , what mess of a code is that right now?, in a couple of years will be beyond anyone to repair and clean the code, and remove all the hacks and speed hacks, it would be better to build and emulator from scratch ala bsnes that trying to correct all these mess! also Goran H so you dont want, to spend a few dollars in a used ps 2, but you spend hundred of dollars in a gaming pc?, WOW JUST WOW!

  4. If PCSX2 was cycle-accurate, could you image the system requirements? oO

  5. The pcsx2 codebase is all ready fucked beyond repair it can't even be ported to 64 bit. cycle accuracy won't be possible for a long time as to run a cycle accurate ps1 emulator full speed would require a 25ghz intel i7 according to drHell the author of xebra/arbex. however xebra is still better than ePSXe without being cycle accurate so what we need is a emulator similar to xebra for ps2 emulation.

  6. whats the difference between a hack and a proper fix in programming, to me a hack would be a work around for a bug or poorly implemented piece of code in the program where as a fix would actually be tracking down the problem in the first place and fixing it, is this right or do i have it completely wrong?

  7. @ Anon 3
    Exactly. Cause you know, PC is a PC, and playing ps2 games is just a REALLY small fraction of what it can do. I really am not aware why would you even say this being that you're HERE (prolly using a PC that costs at least hundred bucks... henceforth :p) of all places. I mean... I always thought trolls were lame.

    There's no point saying crap like that if you aren't even involved in that, aren't going to do something about it, or there are any alternatives that are doing otherwise, but are just gonna keep coming here and copy-paste whatever you can from byuu's ass (I assume you are very close cause there's just too much shit)

    @ Mackay1985

    Like I said tons of times... they just simply keep ignoring principles of practicality and demand, while not doing anything at all and just keep yelling they are right. Not even trying to prove a point by making a better emu. Keep talking trash for years, still no sign of any change. But I gotta give it to them, they are persistent, even though it's really laughable.

    @ Anon 5

    No need for x64 version. It runs perfectly on Win 7 x64 and will on Win 8 x64 as it is with no performance drops (maybe even small perf. boost). And it doesn't matter, there are no other emu. So I guess you can keep looking pathetic and wish for a hardware at least 10 years from future to be able to play on your imaginary emulator. :)

    @ Azael

    Yeah, something along those lines. But it's not that easy (or they would have solved that problems a long time ago). Well concerning fixing, I guess it wouldn't be too hard to track down the bugs and fix them... but the thing is as with any other piece of code (pcsx2 one is very complex and LARGE), you fix one and 100 new ones pop up sorta say. So it's a lot easier and you see a lot more progress faster. But I guess byuu fans aren't completely wrong, this could ultimately lead to pcsx2 code being "beyond repair", but I think it's not likely and after all there will be at least two more official versions till then and that will probably make up for 80% playable games or shall I say 95% at least of more popular games... even now 25 or so games that I have all play perfectly and few others ones that I want to get are playable. So... For me their work is done, I just like seeing the progress.

  8. @ Wicked Sick

    From what you've said you've already been utilizing your ext. storage for pc2 ISO's and it worked fine...

    Well in case nothing hardware wise changed, it's probably not a HDD bottleneck but just to be sure transfer one ISO from ext. to internal drive. And I know this might be lame, but assuming your ext. drive might be connected via USB try switching your usb ports cause if it's for example USB 1.1 instead of Hi-Speed 2.0 it's a bottleneck. You might also test it further if you know which version (or subversion) of emulator you used when the problem didn't exist. Anyways. Regards and hope it helps!

  9. and if you have so many games to play why you are here goran H?

  10. let me rephrase that if you have a great variety of systems and games to play why you only comment on ps2 releases? you dont play anything else?

  11. Please people Help that project PCSX2 to final project
    and go in a new version 1.0.0
    be much better

  12. @ Anon 9

    Because (to quote last part of 7th comment (my own)) "I just like seeing the progress".

    (and don't worry, because both of your comments were poorly phrased, so it really doesn't matter *thumbs up* )

    @ Anon 10

    The fact that I comment here implies that I don't play anything else besides ps2 games on pcsx2? Interesting. I don't only comment only pcsx2 releases, I comment when/where I see fit. Now pcsx2 is most active emu project (IMO) and my most favorite one, and I think that's enough. Well, there are far more games for pc than for any other system there and the fact that there are so many great emulators out there only IMO increase that number. PC ftw!


    @ Anon 11

    Any suggestions? (seriously asking because I assume you would give some suggestion when posting such request)

    Anyways for those that are in fact interested in helping pcsx2 in development, go to pcsx2 forum and there you will find few threads where pcsx2 devs state what you can do to help. Cheers.

  13. @ Goran H.

    Yes, my external HD is connect via USB. For quite sometime I just went updating mu PCSX2 without testing, just reading the change logs... My mistake ): And now, I tried to play Star Ocean 3 and I found this little problem. Also happens with Shadow of Colossus.

    When I move my ISO to an internal HD the game runs fine. But with the Ext, HD at every some secs its lags and keep going normal, then lags again and so on.

    Another day, happend something strange here. When I connected my HD in the back USB it said "This device can run faster if connect to an usb 2.0 port" something like that .-. I had never seem this before. I went to the bios to make sure, and the USB options were right. Don't know what caused this bug. Changed ports, sometimes the message pops up and sometimes don't. Even when I plug my PS2 pad I can get this message ):

    So, I guess now its my OS maybe. I don't want to format. I will keep using my HD to store the ISOs, and when I wish to play someting I will move it to the internal HD.

    Thx for your reply.

  14. Glad it helped and actually it's not your OS, it's your motherboard. Some of the ports there are of the older standard (1.1) and some of newer (2.0). Figure out which ones are which and use them accordingly, things that require faster data transfer (HD drives, flash drives etc.) 2.0, and things that do not (keyboard, gamepad etc) on older ones. That's it.

    Could you please tell me your experience with Star Ocean 3(no spoilers please), cause I plan on getting the series very soon. Regards.

  15. I will the other ports later, thx for the advice.

    I like Star Ocean 3. Still remember when I first played it, long, very long ago. With more than 250hs and was still collecting trophies and enjoying the game.

    And now, with the emulator, I can play it again, but, with better graphics.

    Before it was emulated slow as hell, but now its running pretty well. I saw somewhere people saying the PCSX2 crashes when you start a fight on the forest, I will go play now and see if it will happen to me. Since yesterday I was busy with Dolphin, playing Arc Rise, nice game, I love Ryfia...

    What I like mroe about PCSX2 is the fact that it doesn't crash as much as Dolphin does... Whenever I have to move to another room I do it with fear... I don't like save states, I think of them as some type of cheat, so I am a victim of my own standards. Also, the sound here it's much better.

  16. Yeah, I really like pcsx2 as well and like how it's progressing, and is my favorite emu of any sort (I've just been using it for so long).

    Concerning Dolphin I don't really think it's something to be compared. To try and stand in defense I would say that it's really hard for Dolphin devs cause Wii is a newer console and also a weird one, not to mention that it's a Gamecube emulator as well (Wii one is based on GC one). So with that much load on their minds they are doing surprisingly well. And IMO those two are most active one anyway these days.

    Funny thing. When I started actively using DeSmuME(now DeSmuME is better by a larger margin)/No$GBA (Nintendo DS emu) I thought of playing a few games maybe, then when I got into it I saw dozens of games worth playing, I'm thinking of picking up the actual console, I mean there are literary dozens high quality RPG's for it and it's nice to game on the go. Nintendo's platforms always had some wickedly great games. :)

    Concerning save-states. I can't thank pcsx2 devs enough for implementing them. And I thank myself cause I don't (luckily) think them as heavy cheating if properly used. For example use it at times just before you meet boos, face some one-time thing, answer some weird question etc. And also use them to see what would be if I did things differently while not playing through another time up to that point. Also deal with bugs/glitches etc. To see some uber cool-mind-blowing scene one more time without have to bleed through your eyes while trying to beat the last boss. That sorta thing. Anyway, cheers

  17. this emulator support not whit x128 bit systems and not whit windows developener privew premium jpn can please help me for this

  18. @ Goran

    Yeah, you are probably right... Dolphin has a lot of advantages, not to mention I cannot do any better and I had so much fun with it lol

    I was ungrateful, sorry.

    I couldn't test more Till The end of Time today, to see if it crashes in teh forest as they say. But I will do ti tomorrow.

  19. @Wicked Sick you dont want problems? grab a used ps2, you want better graphics purchase a used ps3 with retro compatibility!, the emu will never be 100% and without any problens, so deal with it!

  20. @ anon 19

    Never heard of that retro compatibility thing for the PS3. Must take a look at it.

    Also, I think its funny how everyone has the same comment when someone else say a thing negative about the emulator lol

  21. Well... This is sad...


    It's an old video thou... Dunno, don't have a PS3...


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