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EmuCR:Nestopia Nestopia Unofficial v1.40u4 is released. Nestopia is the current king of the NES emulation hill. It uses highly optimized cycle exact emulation, allowing it to run titles that rely on precise timing, many of which break under inferior emulators. This accurate emulation does come at a cost; Nestopia requires a minimum of a 600MHz machine for full speed; but if you have one, this the best available NES emulation for Windows.

Nestopia Unofficial v1.40u4 Changelog: (Google Translate)
1 Fixed UNL-8237A, nmt does not address the problem (but 9-one, The Lion King does not work, FCEUMM the same)
2 correction Mapper 2, with a trainer to increase non-standard support, dragon unit (j) [p1] works fine!!!
3 Fixed mapper 216/GS2015, additional 50 address read, Videopoker Bonza (Rev A) (R) and REV B function normally
4 Transformer initial support, keyboard input to solve the problem
5 back the main program for the official 1.40, 1.41 using the original
6 increase UNL_SMB2JLF36 support, mapper 43, Super Mario Bros. 2 (J) (LF36) [p1]. Nes support
7 Fixed mapper 74, an increase Dragon Ball Z3, ghosts Wars Chinese version support
8 XML standard for the directional Dragon Ball Heroes PAL, MAPPER4 or MAPPER74 can perform
9 Fixed mapper 162,178 to support a large family of pets and pet evolutionary history
10 Fixed mapper 47, support the convulsion DUMP the super 2in1 (wolves and Samurai)
11 Fixed mapper 4, support the finished version of Mega Man 5 generations
12 Fixed mapper 11, all online mapper 11 games working properly
13 Fixed mapper 116,187, to support cah4e3 new DUMP W version of Sonic, the evil hungry games such as Legend Special Edition a1
14 Fixed mapper 0, so that some can not perform some of the revision of the original Mario can perform normal
15 Fixed mapper 114, support cah4e3 2009 年 dump Aladdin (perfect version!)
16 Remove the mapper 4 of HACK, Street Fighter VI 16 Peoples (Unl )[!]. nes redirected to 196
17 amendments to BMC-12-IN-1, Robocop 3 is not Huaping
18 In order to STD_CXROM increase 8k Wram, part of the finished version of the mapper 3 of the game can do, not fully tested
19 enhance the mapper 90, support cah4e3 dump the JY-052

Download: Nestopia Unofficial v1.40u4
Source: Here

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  1. from 1.42.0 to 1.40?

  2. 1.42 was done by other people. This version uses original 1.40 source code.

  3. Which version is better?

  4. Nobody will know which is better until more games are tested.

  5. support netplay ?
    zsnes sucks

  6. @Anonymous6, yeah Zsnes sucks compared to Snes9x or SnesGT.

  7. You idiots, get me version 1.40u6 for christ sakes come on!

  8. I'm in hell, I registered with the help of Google Translator at NESBB and want the new version, but wherever I try posting it complains about my stupid fucking usergroup! OMFG I verified my email so wtf is the problem OMGGGGGGGGGGGG

  9. For anyone who wants nestopia 1.40u6 you can download it here: http://shanempkmngen1boards.freeforums.net/thread/51/nestopia-1-40u6


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