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EmuCR: MAME Plus!
MAME Plus! v0.145 r4981 is compiled. New version of this MAME Emulator for Windows. MAME Plus! has many features to make it a great unoffical build.

MAME Plus! SVN Changelog:
updated catlist v0.145 [s_bastian]
updated nmk16.c
*fixed scale effect
*fixed frame update (neogeo etc.)

Download: MAME Plus! v0.145 r4981 x86
Download: MAME Plus! v0.145 r4981 x64
Download: MAME Plus! GUI 1.5.0.win
Source: Here

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  1. u145 r4981 SH3 Build Uploaded here

  2. Any chance of a no nag cavesh3 build?


  3. what's sh3 build?

  4. @#3 we are already distributing sh3 build with Mame GUI++ which has options to disable nag screens, once disabled from gui, you only have to replace mamep.exe and your settings will remain the same, however we will try to deliver next release without nag screens.

    @#4 sh3 build has working cave new generation arcade games driver which was disabled by mame developers in official build and mame code was modified to disable it entirely. however we maintain a perfectly working source code of that driver.

  5. what are the differences between slowpoke edition and mame plus sh3 build ? which is faster ?

    thanks for your releases

  6. @#6 slowpoke edition has slowdown emulated and runs faster than sh3 build, but since the author of slowpoke didn't released the source code, we are working on it and hopefully we will release new source very soon which will work at 100% speed.

    Current sh3 build works with latest mame versions and is a binary optimized build, which not only makes emulation of sh3 fast then original mame plus but also effect speed of all other games as well.

  7. thanks for your reply. I use slowpoke build just because it is faster , but it has lots of glitches - bugs.

    Waiting hopefully sh3 build to become as fast as that ,

    thanks for your efforts and keep up great work

  8. My pc win7 64bit

    Sh3 build works with this?

  9. Raiden II and Raiden DX and Zero Team all Game now playable

  10. Seibu Cup Soccer and Legionnaire and Godzilla and Heated Barrel all Game now playable

  11. raiden II on mame ? really ?

  12. Fixed MAME Testers bug 02419 (Cocktail mode is supported, but tilemap.c has problems with asymmetrical visible areas.)

  13. Fixed MAME Testers bug ID 02417 (NMK004 sound CPU is just (imperfectly) simulated for now. Source)

  14. Fixed MAME Testers bug ID 01856 (Many sets in nmk16.c: flip screen problem.)

  15. Please update your bookmarks to this custom url


  16. Autofire toggle doesn't seem to work.

  17. whoever said Raiden 2 and Zero Team works is lying, these games are still buggy as hell.

  18. Is there a 64 bit compile of this .145 sh3 build?

  19. for some reason this build wont launch any sh3 games, it gets to nag screen, then the screen past that showing its an sh3 cpu game/screen, then just hangs, so far its done it with mushihime, and espgaluga 1 and espgaluda 2. Does anyone else have sh3 builds working for those games other than the old 143u9?

  20. zero team still buggy if anyone can play please tell me how he is playing zero team. plz contact me at ayaz_ansari1983@yahoo.com or reply here


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