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EmuCR: GekkoGekko efb-copies Git (2013/01/09) is compiled. Gekko efb-copies Git is a branch of Gekko. Gekko is an open source great Gamecube(NGC) emulator. Gekko is an experimental Nintendo GameCube (NGC) emulator started in 2006 by ShizZy and Lightning. It features a very advanced 32-bit dynamic recompiler and its own OpenGL graphics core, and is capable of booting many commercical titles.

Gekko efb-copies Git Changelog:
* added a helper function for checking if EFB has no alpha channel, changed clear to clear EFB alpha to 1.0f if the alpha channel is disabled, changed helper functions in bp_mem to be const
* cleared EFB to black with alpha value of 1.0f on startup
* added a check to invalidate an old EFB copy with width/height changed
* various updates to support arbitrary EFB copy destination size (e.g., for half_scale), fixed issue with glBlitFramebuffer parameters not being passed as a correct rectangle, updated Rect function parameters to be const references
* changed to pass local copy of efb_copy_exec struct on EFB copy execute to TextureManager
* made Rect a const& in TextureManager::CopyEFB
* renamed BPEFBCopy to BPEFBCopyExec
* updated TextureManager::CopyEFB to take BP EFB copy execute register as a parameter
* removed unused include
* added a patch to boot [GM4E01] Mario Kart: Double Dash
* moved EFB copy tracking to the texture cache in TextureManager, updated CacheEntry to include this information, renamed kTextureType enums in TextureManager to kSourceType, added CopyEFB interface to TextureManager and TextureInterface

Download: Gekko efb-copies Git (2013/01/09)
Source: Here

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