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EmuCR: DaedalusX64DaedalusX64 Git r1817 is compiled. DaedalusX64 is a N64 Emulator for PSP. DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn. It is a GPL Open Source project.

DaedalusX64 Git Changelog:
[~] Fixed black box that appeared in SSB when flying away from the screen
[-] Removed partial tmem emulation
Note: There's now only two methods: fast or accurate tmem
[!] Fixed TLUT in Accurate TMEM
[-] Accurate TMEM no longer needs TLUT hack
[~] Clean up OSHLE since we now always sign ext V0
[!] Fixed Textures in EWJ, also need TLUT hack for Banjo Tooie (N64 logo)
[!] Fixed shade issue in Kirby
[~] Fixed clamping issue in MRC

Download: DaedalusX64 Git r1817
Download: DaedalusX64 Git r1817 Signed
Source: Here

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