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EmuCR: NesEmu2NesEmu2 work Git (2013/07/05) is released. NesEmu2 work is a branch of NesEmu2. NesEmu2 is an nes emulator supporting more accuracy and better compatability than the original nesemu.

NesEmu2 work Git Changelog:
* Added PAL-ZZ board (mapper 37).
* Added pal support into the apu. Introduced bug in pal code to write to
memory, corrupting everywhere, bug lies dormant in ntsc mode.
* Added ntsc/pal support. Dendy added but untested.
* Added mapper 57 (supergk board) semi-working.
* Finished changing .gitignore. Added Death Race mapper.
* Modified .gitignore
* Forgot to add slre to the makefile. Fixed permission problem when creating directories.
* Finished unif regex's. Added palette section in config dialog. Not
functional yet.
* Fixed palette loading, now uses correct directory. Unif board names
almost all regex'd now.
* Added subtree of slre library for regex.
* Merge commit 'd0013926e18ed2461c98fad13bcfad1761355ec1' as 'source/misc/slre'
* Squashed 'source/misc/slre/' content from commit 20712e9
git-subtree-dir: source/misc/slre
git-subtree-split: 20712e9fef0cc51eac3fac80cdb930f898dc19f9
* Merge branch 'work'
* Input configuration working better. More unif boards.
* Added a few unif boards to the definitions.
* Zapper works with movies now. Added dpcm cycle stealing.

Download: NesEmu2 work Git (2013/07/05)
Source: Here

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