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EmuCR: Soft64Soft64 Git (2015/06/23) is compiled. Soft64 is a N64 Emulator.

Project Goals for revision 1
- Implement high level graphics system
- Implement high level audio system
- Basic controller support
- Full blown WPF based debugger system
- Implement HLE features into the RCP core
- Implement SRAM, and flash memory
- Fully working "Pure" interpreter
Disclaimer You agree to the Soft64 terms when you run Soft64. By agreeing to these terms, you are fully responsible for the risks with Soft64. Soft64 does not support any use of unauthorized copyrighted material of any kind. We will disreguard questions and issues related to software we do not own, we only support the emulator itself.

Soft64 Git Changelog:
* Cleanup the git ignore file
* Remove immediate junk.
* Update ignore file
* Moved mupen64plus into same folder as the engine. Stripped out SDL and other depedencies, but zlib still needed for the TLB cache.
* Some error checking.
* Cleaned up the mupen compare engine library, and now statically link in mupen64plus library. Remove .NET dependency for the compare engine, they will be loaded during runtime.
* Comparing some data with mupen works when you do a debug step. This is the first big step with the compare engine, but there is still a lot need to be done to clean up and simplify the whole process. First would be stripping SDL, and depedencies, and statically linking in mupen code rather than DLL.
* More work on the mupen compare engine. Compare callback fires from Mupen and calls the MupenEngine class method. Next, will work on thread signaling between emulators, so the cores compare in a sychronized manner.
* More work on the mupen comare engine, imported some code from the mupen console ui source to use its DLL load library system to dynamically link to the core DLL. There is an memory error occuring, trying to figure out to get VS to break inside the Init C++ function. Created a WPF window for managing compare engines.
* Link the mupenp64plus core lib into compare engine C++ library.
* Begin working on a core compare system. Added the source of mupen64plus, and C++/CLI library to compare the emulator states of mupen64plus and Soft64.

Download: Soft64 Git (2015/06/23)

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