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EmuCR: XeniaXenia Git (2015/08/02) is compiled. Xenia is an experimental emulator for the Xbox 360. It does not run games (yet).

Xenia Status:
- Some code runs. [Insert any game name here] doesn't.
- Asserts! Crashes! Hangs! Blank screens!

Xenia Git Changelog:
* Moving source map to Function.
* Adding note about GPU listing.
* Removing beaengine disassembler use.
* Moving style stuff to build_tools.
* 'xb style'
* Window->Form.
* Don't allow cross-compilation, for now.
* Latest linter.
* clang fixes.
* clang fixes.
* Basic linux build.
* clang-3.8 isn't whitelisted on travis yet.
* clang 3.8.
* travis apt.
* clang-format detection cleanup.
* No shell, try new git on travis.
* Manual travis submodules.
* Submodule init/update for old git.
* chmod
* Switching to python build script.
* Dropping dummy drive size down to a reasonable size. Fix #377.
* Merge pull request #376 from sephiroth99/big-alloc-fix
[RFC] Fix crash when some games request too much memory
* memory: fix out of bounds access in BaseHeap::AllocRange
Prevent out of bounds access of page_table_ by making sure the requested
page count fits in the requested page range.
* build-tools with premake bin.
* Tweaking some thread names.
* Some more constant support for MUL_SUB.
* Never run WSACleanup, it breaks the debugger. Some games do this
on startup just because, which decrements our WSA instance to zero.
* Massaging xinput arguments. Fixes RCR.
* Cleanup heap use.
* Switching to real page sizes, not allocation granularity.
* Fixing debugger startup race.
* Replacing a use of strings for xbyak labels.
* Fix include.
* Mostly working stack walking (besides issue #372).
* Better sign extend, thanks to @inolen.
* Only generate .user if it doesn't exist.
* Merge pull request #371 from DrChat/xam_enumerate_fix
Fix XamEnumerate returning a RESULT instead of a HRESULT
* Fix XamEnumerate returning a RESULT instead of a HRESULT in extended error.
* Merge pull request #369 from DrChat/handle_release_fix
Fix releasing the primary handle of an object in RemoveHandle
* Fix accidentally releasing the primary handle of a duplicated object when the duplicated handle is removed.
* Merge pull request #370 from DrChat/xam_misc
XAM Misc Changes
* Revert license mask.
* Winkey support GetKeystroke (need to fix flags though) and support right stick
* Reversed engineered X_OBJECT_HEADER a bit better
* XMAContext abort instantly if libav failed mid-packet.
* Oops. Fixing bad asserts.
* Constant support for VECTOR_CONVERT_I2F.
* Constant support for Emit16_IN_32.
* Unsigned Emit16_IN_32.
* Don't pass flags to XInputGetKeystroke, as on Windows it's a reserved parameter.
* Make sure the device is connected before calling XInputGetKeystroke.
* Making shutdown clean.
* --random_clear_color, and making default grey.
* Adding --show_profiler to show profiler by default, changing hotkey to F3.
* Fixing socket startup.
* Merge pull request #368 from DrChat/ke_sync_cleanup
Cleanup some Ke* threading APIs
* Cleanup some Ke* threading APIs (and update the dispatch header when possible)
* Merge pull request #367 from DrChat/fullscreen_fix
Fix fullscreen
* Merge pull request #363 from DrChat/obj_handle_ref_counting
Track object handle reference counts in the object table.
* The kernel object table now keeps track of handle reference counts.
* Shuffling --debug around and making it work.
* Update premake5.lua
* Merge pull request #362 from DrChat/xthread_race_fix
Fix race condition in XThread
* Create XThread suspended and resume it when setup is complete. Fixes race condition on thread_ variable.
* Merge pull request #361 from DrChat/misc_fixes
Misc fixes
* %s
* Don't try to use an invalid file!
* Platform window enable/disable border support
* Thread state address is gone
* Kernel state terminate notification support
* Shuffle around RTL critical section code and add asserts
Get thread ID using new api
* Minor XObject function changes
* Make XThread use its guest KTHREAD object in the pcr in r13
Shuffle around some code in XThread
* XNetSetSystemLinkPort / respect optional pointers in accept
* Plumbing frontbuffer_ptr around (but not using it yet).
* Abstraction for VirtualAlloc/VirtualFree.
* VirtualProtect platform abstraction.
* Fixing thread exit.
* Making stateless file IO platform-agnostic.
* Bumping elemental-forms.
* Switching audio system to platform-agnostic primitives.
* Switching over kernel objects to the platform-agnostic APIs.
Possibly some regressions here.
* Wait primitives.
* Threading primitives, in prep for removing Win32 from kernel/ and others.
* Removing uses of Sleep/SwitchToThread/etc.
* Switching to standard mutex for now (but keeping xe::mutex).
* Starting to remove windows.h includes from things.
* Adding some docs on CPU optimizations/potential work.
* Double check ARB_bindless_texture.
May help #342.
* Massive refactoring of xenia::ui and GL swap behavior.
This seems to dramatically improve most games (especially with
--vsync=false), though it may cause swap issues with others.
New code should be easier to port, and enables elemental-forms to be
drawn for any emulator UI.
* Recursive submodule init.
* Merge pull request #335 from DrChat/net_events
XAM WSA Events
* NetDll_WSAWaitForMultipleEvents
* Convert a couple of kernel threading APIs to new style
* Allow direct typecasting of Result shim util class
* Simplified renderer interface.
* Fixing elemental input and using embedded resources.
* Merge pull request #328 from DrChat/xam_loader
Implement XamLoaderLaunchTitle/XamLoaderTerminateTitle
* AMD people: have at it. I ain't gonna guarantee it'll work, though.
* Switching to my turbo badger fork.

Download: Xenia Git (2015/08/02)
Source: Here

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  1. I'm using AMD Radeon HD 7850 (Catalyst on WIndows 10) and GH3 on Xenia is black screen.


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