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EmuCR: Snes9xSnes9x v1.53 for xBRZ v1.2 is complied. The xBRZ graphics scaler is now available for the SNES emulator Snes9x! The following Snes9x build is based on the latest source code from Github Snes9x (> snes9x 1:53) together with a few minor bug fixes from Zenju and uses the latest versions of the dependent libraries (zlib, libpng, CG, fmod). As usual xBRZ is implemented with full multi-core support, so that there should be no performance problems on modern dual or quad CPUs.

Snex9x with xBRZ scaler Changelog:
Support Windows-XP

compiled from current GIT sources including xBRZ 1.2

added 2xBRZ and 3xBRZ

original release: Snes9x + xBRZ 1.0

EmuCR: Snex9x with xBRZ scaler

Download: Snes9x v1.53 for xBRZ v1.2

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