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PeteOpenGL2Tweak v2.2 is released. PeteOpenGL2Tweak is is a PSEMU Pro compatible plug-in that patches PeteOpenGL2 plugin on runtime.

PeteOpenGL2Tweak v2.2 Changelog:
- Added FBE detection (requires setting Framebuffer Effect to 2 (Standard) !)
NOTE: Detection happens when this icon is displayed on OSD: ockt0Ml
- FastFBE option to use Nearest Neighbor when FBE is rendered.
- Added (very lame) Texture Cache for scaler. Currently does not cache FBE textures (spam), and also have not size limitation so it may eat your RAM, be warned! :p
- Fallbacks removed, ForceNearest added as option.
NOTE: TextureCacheSize is size in texture count !

Download: PeteOpenGL2Tweak v2.2
Source: Here

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