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EmuCR: Project 64Project64 Git (2016/01/13) is compiled. Project 64 is a proprietary Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows. It employs a plug-in system that allows third-party software developers to create their own implementation of a specified component. Project64 allows the user to play Nintendo 64 games on a computer by reading ROM images, either dumped from the read-only memory of a Nintendo 64 cartridge or created directly on the computer as homebrew. Project64 started as an exercise by Jabo and zilmar in an attempt to see if they were capable of programming a Nintendo 64 emulator. It's open source now.

Project64 Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #870 from Nekokabu/patch-6
[RDB] Optimize cheat
* [RDB] Optimize cheat
* Merge pull request #872 from cxd4/need-time_h
[Common] Have required sys/time.h POSIX inc for new time code.
* [Common] Have required sys/time.h POSIX inc for new time code.
* Merge pull request #873 from cxd4/have-objbase_h
[Common] some safety measures to guaranteeing __interface type
* [Common] Ensure that __interface is declared for _WIN32 also.
* [Common] #define __interface for any !WIN32, not just MSC.
* Merge pull request #874 from cxd4/have-strings_h
[Common] fixed undeclared strcasecmp()
* [Common] fixed undeclared strcasecmp()
* [Project64] Add Cmd_BaseDirectory
* [Project64] Add linux friendly catch
* [Project64] Fix release build in common
* [Project64] Remove usage of windows.h from md5.cpp
* [Project64] Make the FileClass.cpp more linux friendly
* [Projet64] Make Trace.cpp more linux friendly
* [Project64] moved stdwstr_f::stdwstr_f out of .h and in to .cpp
* [Project64] Use alloca in log message
* [Project64] Cleanup LogClass.h
* [Project64] Remove tchar out of IniFileClass.cpp
* [Project64] Cleanup IniFileClass.cpp
* [Project64] Remove tchar from path
* [Project64] Cleanup path.cpp
* [Project64] Remove WINDOWS_UI

Download: Project64 Git (2016/01/13) x86
Download: Project64 Git (2016/01/13) x64


  1. Error: "CN64system::EmulationStarting: Exception caught
    File: N64System\N64Class.cpp


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