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EmuCR: MESSMESS Git (2016/02/27) is compiled. MESS(Multi Emulator Super System) is an open source emulator which emulates a large variety of different systems. MESS is a source-available project which documents the hardware for a wide variety of (mostly vintage) computers, video game consoles, and calculators through software emulation, as MAME does for arcade games. As a nice side effect to this documentation, MESS allows software and games for these hardware platforms to be run on modern PCs.

MESS Git Changelog:
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mamedev/mame
* Added NotoSans-Bold as backup font for platforms that do not have default system fonts exposed (nw)
* tile bank, sound, mark as working, not 100% sure sound is quite right.
clocks etc. could really do with verifying.
* improve lockonph video emulation (nw)
* wrally.cpp: oki memory map instead of memcpy (nw)
* Fix build on SteamLink and enforce BGFX on it (nw)
* gaelco.cpp, targeth.cpp: oki memory map instead of memcpy (nw)
* ui various changes:
* extended keyboard navigation in the UI on the right side.
* added the skeleton for a configuration menu for single machine.
* fixed bug in building the search path for images.
* at: fix megapcpla (nw)
Lock On (Philko) [Astroblaster]
this is cloned Sega System 16 hardware, but with enhanced palette hardware, and custom tile banking etc. needs more work
* Made xcode params more generic (nw)
* Added support for x64 Androids (nw)
* Merge pull request #654 from aviloria/patch-1
Update strings.po
* Update strings.po
* Made pnacl to compile (nw)
* cleanup (nw)
* OS/2 can not support SDL2 which is needed for MAME to run (nw)
* no way to support qnx (nw)

Download: MESS Git (2016/02/27) x86
Download: MESS Git (2016/02/27) x64
Source: Here

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