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EmuCR: GLideN64GLideN64 Git (2016/03/23) is compiled. GLideN64 is a new generation, open-source graphics plugin for N64 emulators

GLideN64 Git Changelog:
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/gonetz/GLideN64
* Fix texture coordinates calculation in vertex shader when TexturePersp disabled.
Fixed Rogue Squadron Sky is broken [regression] #924
* Clear gSP.status on dlist start.
Fixed gSPObjLoadTxtr for StarCraft64, #472
* Save correct ConfigOptionsBitSet to shader storage header.
Fix Enabling HW Lightning with Shader Storage enabled breaks lightning #922
* Fix texture clamp size calculation during texture load.
Fixed Knife Edge: wrong texts #846
Warning: texture load changed, regressions possible.

EmuCR: GLideN64

Download: GLideN64 Git (2016/03/23)
Source: Here

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