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EmuCR: DreavmRedream Git (2016/03/27) is compiled. Redream (originally called Dreavm) is a work in progress emulator for the SEGA Dreamcast.

Redream Git Changelog:
* simplify trace command stream
* fix 'Other' color blend types
* don't advance past begin() in PrevParam
fix off by one error with surface clamping
* windows build fixes
fixed OP_LOAD_LOCAL / OP_STORE_LOCAL on windows
use r14 / r15 for memory and guest ctx pointers
updated SH4 builder to emit consistent IR regardless of function parameter evaluation order
* convert arena / array from size_t to int
* updates SH4 registers to follow same pattern as holly / pvr
* linux build fixes
* refactored register reads / writes to support per-register callbacks
* refactored SH4 DMA
added PIO CD_READ support to GDROM
updated Holly / GDROM DMA to work with new DMA code
* move select condition out of arg0 to optimize register allocation when select is true
* split up int / float IR ops
added support for fcnvsd and fcnvds
* consolidated comparison ir ops into OP_ICMP and OP_FCMP
* removed interpreter backend
* use references for dc / rb
align ir locals when allocating
* make Instr inherit from value, removing result property
updated register allocation to account for the fact that the result is no longer a part of the reference set
added basic dead code elimination pass
* added parameter stepping to trace viewer
* improve texture preview
* enable stubs for SPI_CD_* commands
* updated tracer UI
* initialize a few uninitialized pointers
* remove pending context queue
* use delegates for write watches
* window system refactor
added imgui for gui rendering
added WindowInterface to Machine class enabling hardware to tap into window events for input and rendering
* merge ta and texcache
* shuffled around trace viewer code
* disable multithreaded rendering
* fixed bitrot in trace viewer
* remove blocks from IRBuilder
* remove pc return value from blocks
* added a hack to get PoP booting further
* factor out CheckPendingCacheReset
* add gdb detach support
* removed unused Dump method
* removed templated value<>() method
* fix off by one error when merging invalidation ranges in load / store elimination pass
* remove epilog label
* removed RestoreArgs hack
* initial debugger support
* refactored hw/ code adding Machine, Device and Device interfaces
* only enable ASM_MASM on win32
* missed REQUIRED flag on clang-tidy
* clang-tidy and clang-format are not required dependencies
* fix branch address for disp:12 format in disassembler
* added partial support for sprite0
* TMU refactor, fixed issues with TCR being updated and timers not rescheduled properly
* fixed memory watches not aligning properly
* hide access to the various memory delegates used by hardware
* convert over to using re::delegate for dynamic memory handlers
* more descriptive fatal errors for unsupported gdrom / ta features
updated some names
* remove -Wno-strict-aliasing
* project rename
* consider aliased values when eliminating loads and stores
added tests for load store elimination aliasing
* consolidate x64 register layout information
added support for a second temporary, fixes several emitting issues
* end blocks on SR store
* don't assert on invalid instruction when disassembling
* warn on invalid memory read or write from a dynamic region
* change default bios path
* enabled 1 and 2 byte access to wave memory
* replaced horribly broken 64-bit float implementation
* added IRReader for deserializing IRWriter output
* removed core.h, added config.h.in
* improved IR writing
* rename sh4_instr.cc
* added OP_LOAD_HOST and OP_STORE_HOST for directly accessing host memory
added lookup table for fsca
removed sin, cos ir ops
* get tests back running
* simplified dreamcast structure so it can be reused with stubs by tests
* disable unused aica regs
* refactored scheduler to more fairly update timers
* group x64 blocks together under the same symbol for profiling
* mark threads for profiler
* initial multithreaded rendering

Dreavm Running

redream --bios=path/to/dc_boot.bin --flash=path/to/dc_flash.bin [bin or gdi file]

Download: Redream Git (2016/03/27) x64
Source: Here

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