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EmuCR: Project64RSP Git (2016/03/27) is compiled. RSP is a plugin for Project64.

RSP Git Changelog:
* fixed LP64 segfault in LSV
Recent pulls to my_types.h involved a change to the HALFWORD_ADDR_XOR mask to an unsigned constant (i.e., 02u instead of 02 signed int). LSV in particular did multiplication of HES(0x000) which translated to (0 ^ 2u) which is not the same as (0 ^ 2). Effectively, 64-bit systems did 0x00000000FFFFFFFFul * correction instead of 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFul * correction, which causes immediate crashing when (correction == 0) on valid implementations of the LP64 ABI.

EmuCR: Project64
EmuCR: Project64

Download: RSP Git (2016/03/27) x86
Download: RSP Git (2016/03/27) x64
Source: Here2

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