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EmuCR: SS EmulatorsYabause Devmiyax Git (2016/01/10) is compiled. There's a new version of Yabause from japanese developper Devmiyax, based on his recent android port uoYabause. This version is a great improvement from original Yabause, on par with SSF and even better on some games. Yabause is a Sega Saturn Emulator(SS Emulator) for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.Yabause support booting games using Saturn cds or iso files.

Yabause Devmiyax Git Changelog:
* fixes #104 [Magical Drop 3 (J)] Transparencies problems...
* FIX: FXAA does not work.
* Update to Android studio 2.0
* refs #205 Shader compile problem on ATI Device(fglx)????
* GLSL 320 es to GLSL 310 es and AEP
* Boot for GPX XD
* 4.11 mosaic
* #53 [Battle Arena Toshinden Remix] GFX problems
12.13 Blur function is implemented.
* Better polygon for biohazerd
* FIX: regression MESH drawing
* Add setting menu:
Video Filter Mode
Polygon Generation Mode
* Polygon regression
* nullp
* Fix: bad Function prototype VIDSetSettingValue on vidsoft.c
* Fix: Polygons does not be drawn when GPU tessellation is selected.
* avoid dupe name
* be Polygon generation mode selectable.
* fixes #200 GPU Tessellation
* fixes #184 [DraculaX] Distorted Texture
* refs #184 WIP Tessellated polygon
This is WIP commit. this code brake memory.

Download: Yabause Devmiyax Git (2016/01/10)
Source: Here

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