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EmuCR: CitraCitra Git (2016/05/24) is compiled. This is the trunk of Citra Project. Citra is an experimental open-source Nintendo 3DS emulator/debugger written in C++. At this time, it only emulates a very small subset of 3DS hardware, and therefore is only useful for booting/debugging very simple homebrew demos. Citra is licensed under the GPLv2. Refer to the license.txt file included.

Citra Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #1733 from lioncash/vert_loader
VertexLoader: Minor changes
* vertex_loader: Correct forward declaration of InputVertex
It's actually a struct, not a class.
* vertex_loader: Provide an assertion for ensuring the loader has been setup
Also adds an assert to ensure that Setup is not called more than once
during a VertexLoader's lifetime.
* vertex_loader: Add constructors to facilitate immediate and two-step initialization
* vertex_loader: initialize_num_total_attributes.
Keeps the public API sane.
* vertex_loader: Use std::array instead of raw C arrays
* vertex_loader: Correct header ordering

Download: Citra Git (2016/05/24) x64
Source: Here

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