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EmuCR: PCSX ReloadedPCSX Reloaded Git (2016/05/04) is compiled. PCSX-Reloaded is a fork of the PCSX-df Project, a PlayStation Emulator, with support for both Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems as well as several bugfixes/improvements.

PCSX Reloaded Git Changelog:
* Ensure w is reset to 1.f to prevent stale values.
* Fix bugs from previous
Fix stray triangles
- Switch to full floating point RTPS/RTPT
- Clamp w values to near plane
Fix texture corruption in 1.78, copy 2.4 Tweak
- Remove matrix replacement
- Add W component to vertices
- Wrap glVertex3fv calls
- Use counter to call glVertex4fv for PGXP vertices only
* Perspective correct texturing
- replace calls to glOrtho with new matrix (z value becomes w)
- store w value for each vertex
- if any vertex does not have a w value set whole polygon to 1.0
- Reset vertex between draw calls to prevent stale w values persisting
- validate PGXP values using stored copy of original (allow greater variance)
- properly convert addresses before passing to plugin
- rework memory to use a single pool with offsets
- Implement floating point RTPS/RTPT transform, currently disabled.
* Fix load state bug
In some games PGSX memory pointer was not being set after saved states were reloaded, causing the GPU plugin to fall back on fixed point values.
Ensure that PGSX memory pointer in GPU plugin is always set upon initialisation.
* Merge pull request #1 from tapcio/master
Added my improvements and some fixes
* Added:
- per game memory card support (improved version)
- save state pictures (F2)
- Wipeout MemHack (improved version)
Fixed LTCG build and set as default.
* Revert "Son of Ugly's Wipeout patch"
Breaks Chrono Cross intro sequence camera.
This reverts commit f7f38c4b89937391a8ba7c785d0d6b108ac02eb7.
* Fix default definition of pgxpMemory call.
* This Son of Ugly's Wipeout patch
from https://github.com/SonofUgly/PCSX-Reloaded via Solis
* Prevent crash on negative length patch
From the pcsxrearmed project via Solis.
* Bring up to date with PCSX-R master (97809)
* - Fix memory addresses as each mirrored address range is further mirrored 4 times... :(
- Catch 8bit reads/writes and invalidate registers and memory as needed
- Prevent reading over the end of stride and count arrays when decoding primitive commands
* - Move pgxp_gpu source files into correct folder.
- Trace 16 bit reads and writes, invalidate register or memory (fixes UI glitches)
* Initial upload of PGXP.
* Update to VS 2015

Download: PCSX Reloaded Git (2016/05/04)
Source: Here

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