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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2016/06/03) is released. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* coreinit: Document some OSFastMutex/OSFastCondition members.
* coreinit: Fix thread priority check in queueThreadNoLock.
* coreinit: Calculate actual thread priority.
* Fix error in SortedQueue that sorts it in reverse order.
* Added some more error-checking assertions throughout.
* Fix issue where threads could be queued multiple times.
* Fix issue causing sorted queue inserts to loose items.
If the item we are inserting before was the head of the queue
the head of the queue was never updated to point to the new
item we just added at the head.
* Check to make sure scheduler is enabled during interrupts.
If it is not enabled, it means we interrupted someone who
was doing something 'critical' and is an error.
* Erase SortedQueue::insert and add some assertions.
* Added NatVis file which convertes BE to LE for special types.
Currently covers be_val (size 1, 2, 4), be_ptr and be_wfunc_ptr.
* Send the correct argv to new threads that start.
* Fix issue with queues where the link wasn't cleared.
* Add some assertions to our internal queue functions.
* Add lots of assertions to the scheduler.
* Add our own assertion header so we can have them in release mode.
* Throw an error if a non-ready thread is in a run queue.
* Merge pull request #145 from raven02/patch-1
CF: add KILL instruction
* CF: add KILL instruction
* coreinit: Temporarily use basePriority for scheduling until we add priority calculations.
* Fix gfdtool build.
* Fix typo in alarm locking.
* Launch game entirely under the default thread 0 context.
* Fix wfunc_call to properly allocate stack space for arguments.
* Try path before path/data for the base game path.
* coreinit: Fix leak of file and directory handles.
* Fix an issue with reentrant interrupts occuring.
* Fix UninteruptibleSpinLock from permanently disabling interrupts.
* gx2: Remove incorrect IndexType command from GX2DrawEx.
* Disable the scheduler while handling interrupts.
* Send GPU flip message via an interrupt.
* gx2: Fix GX2DrawIndexEx usage of GX2IndexType.

Download: Decaf Git (2016/06/03)
Source: Here

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