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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2016/06/13) is released. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* Fix hardware-tests build
* decaf-cli: Fix usage of renamed mTvWindow in getWindowBorderHeight.
* namingConvention.
* Bump excmd to fix template specialisation bug
* kernel: Fix switchThread not passing current fiber to platform::swapToFiber.
Passing the current fiber is required for posix platforms so swapContext
will save the current context.
* decaf-cli: Remove unnecessary switch cases from glfw translateKeyCode.
* debugger: Add missing const for auto ref.
* decaf: Add missing include for size_t.
* cmake: Update CMakeLists for new project structure.
* platform: Fix segv handler for platform_posix_exception.
* cmake: Add missing fastregionmap.h to common lib.
* decaf: Fix include using a backslash instead of forward slash.
* decaf-cli: Add missing include in config
* decaf: Fix usage of deleted operator= for std::atomic_bool
* ppcutils: Fix ppcinvoke compiling for gcc.
If we specify tempalte parameter we need to specify more parameters,
so instead we should pass it as a argument instead of template parameter.
* kernel: Fix usage of Windows only ExitThread by introduction platform::exitThread.
* cmake: Add imgui library.
* Remove imgui_demo.cpp from imgui project file.
* Add missing end of file newlines.
* Use using typedefs to defined function pointer types.
* decaf-cli: Print help if parser options are empty.
* Use snprintf in main_{glfw,sdl}.cpp to fix compiler warnings.
* Remove random #include
* Reorder include to fix compiler warning.
* Make glbinding build as dll and fix linker warnings.
* Bump excmd
* Add missing include
* hle_tests: Add multi threaded alarm test.
* Added basic memory view to debugger.
* Added basic info view to debugger.
* Display shortcut key information in debugger menus.
* Added ability to force focus to a debugger window.
* Use the scheduler lock to protect the loader crit-section.
* Fixed bug with debugger key repeat delay.
* Initial implementation for the on-screen debugger.
* Fix issue with definition of cpu::this_core::resume.
* Move all UI handling out to a new decaf-cli project.
This is a extremely large change that includes the following:
- The main executable is our default front-end: decaf-cli
- GLFW/SDL is moved from platform to the front-end
- Configuration handling is now moved to front-end
- The library now has a 'public binding' via decaf/decaf.h
- Input is now handled by the front-end through callbacks.
- GPU thread startup is now handled by the front-end.
- Rendering of the scan buffers to the screen is now handled by the front-end.
* Use a spdlog formatter instead of linking hack.
* Use the games requested scan buffer configuration.
Previously the scan buffers were managed entirely by
the emulator which could cause issues with swapbuffer
behaviour in the future.
* Move kernel function call tracing up to kernel level.
* Shutdown cores upon receiving SRESET.
* Updated to the latest version of excmd.
* Update access violation handling code to work again.
This also integrates it with the CPU to allow the kernel to
catch it, and possibly send that to the debugger.
* Added the imgui library to decaf.
This is used by the debugger, I am rebasing this bit forward
to avoid constant issues with git submodules.
* First attempt at some HLE unit tests.
Requires WUT to compile.
* coreinit: Make OSPanic exit.
* hwtests: Disable testing of fpscr.ux flag for now.
Seems to be causing loooads of failures.
* hwtests: Improve fpscr printing on test fail.
* Fix harware tests build.
* Add FPS counter to window title.
* Requeue threads when their affinity changes.
This is needed to ensure that the thread leaves any core
runqueues that it no longer belongs in.
* Don't try to reorder if a thread is suspended since it's not in the queue.
* Update JIT to only JIT basic blocks.
This also fixes it as it was previously broken.
* Fix a bug where nameless threads would crash when debugging.
* Fix issue with INT_TO_FLOAT and UINT_TO_FLT.
This fixes an issue causing NESRemix gamepad graphics to "pop".
The issue is that the AluSource already indicates that the field
is indeed an integer, this caused us to to do the conversion twice.
* Merge pull request #148 from Bleizo/master
Fixes compile errors on Linux
* Merge pull request #2 from Bleizo/quick-fixes
Quick fixes
* Fix compile errors (const and includes)
* Fix CMakeLists to reflect recent change in directory structure
* Remove unnecessary copies of std::string
* Fixed typo in latte to GL attribute format conversion.
Fixes bug causing text to render improperly.
* Include disassembled shader source in the GLSL output.
* opengl: Rename inner loop offset to index to avoid collision with function argument name.
* opengl: Fix stridedMemcpy.
* gx2: Dump shader loopVars, attribVars, intialValues.
* gfdtool: Fix copypasta.
* latte: Update CB_SHADER_CONTROL to use Bitfield.
* latte: Use bool for LAST in SQ_ALU_WORD0.

Download: Decaf Git (2016/06/13)
Source: Here

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