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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2016/06/15) is released. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* debugger_ui: Be explicit with type used for std::min and std::max.
Fixes compiler errors on gcc.
* libcpu: Add aliasing for unconditional conditional branches.
* libdecaf: Also fix blr encoding for implemented kernel function stubs...
* libdecaf: Exclude filesystem_posix from all Windows builds.
* libdecaf: Fix incorrect blr encoding in kernel call stubs.
* libcpu: Fix wrong register for li and lis aliases.
* libcpu: Fix copy-pasta comma operators in condition branch aliasing.
* libcpu: Exclude jit_unwind_other from all builds on Windows.
* Impose an column minimum limit on memory viewer.
Pesky signed integers!
* Impose an column limit on memory viewer.
Newly created windows have an apparently infinite
width which causes the column limit to be set to
a rediculous value and cause an essentially infinte
loop to run drawing the memory.
* Store NIA/CIA on the PPC stack in the right byte-order.
This is important for when the debugger attempts to
reconstitute a waiting threads state.
* Ensure all 3 cores resume from debugger at once.
Otherwise, breakpoints hit immediately might cause
the other cores not to be released appropriately
which causes a deadlock.
* Remove sdl.lib from decaf-cli linker input.
* libcpu: Add mfxer and mtxer simplified mnemonics.
* Remove glfw.lib from linking rules for decaf-cli and decaf-sdl.
* Default the disassembly and memory views somewhere reasonable.
* Made the JIT memory allocator thread-safe.
This was a serious oversight on my part when first
implementing it.
* Initial debugger disassembler view implemented.
* Added tracking of the current thread and core being debugged.
* Significantly improved debuggers memory view behaviour.
* Fix code duplication annoyance in the debugger ui handling.
* Correct issue with debugger stepping branch prediction.
* libcpu: Add a few more simple instruction aliases.
* libcpu: Improved branch instruction aliases.
* libcpu: Do not attempt to disassemble marker fields.
* Update README.md
* cmake: Add decaf-cli project.
* libdecaf: Separate debugger initialisation.
Because we don't want it to be called from decaf-cli.
* Add decaf-cli project.
A command line only application to execute Wii U games with no graphics
and no input. This can be useful for running unit test rpx files.
* libdecaf: Add proper support for game process exiting.
* libdecaf: Fix bug in NullGraphicsDriver where it would not wake graphics thread.
* libdecaf: Add NullInputDriver.
* libdecaf: Add NullGraphicsDriver.
* coreinit: Rename internal OSSetDefaultThread to internal::setDefaultThread.
* decaf-sdl: Remove old unused fuzztest and hwtest commands.
* libdecaf: Move decaf graphics api to decaf_graphics.h
* libdecaf: Rename InputProvider to InputDriver.
* Removed glfw submodule
* Merge branch 'restructure'
* debugger: Fix missing refactor of function name which was hiding inside an assert.
* Remove glfw project files.
* Rename decaf-cli to decaf-sdl.
* libdecaf: Add debugger config options enabled and break_on_entry.
* Add missing build order dependencies for tools.
* Fix tools builds.
* common: Fix typo of PROT_EXEC in platform_posix_memory.
* decaf-sdl: Fix usage of class name in member function declaration.
Damn copy pasta.
* debugger: Fix missing include of condition_variable.
* common: Fix some missing includes.
* cmake: Update CMakeLists to use GLOB_RECURSE.
We do not develop with CMakeLists as our primary platform, it makes it too
hard to maintain the file list in CMakeLists.
GLOB_RECURSE will have to do for now.
* libdecaf: Remove src/decaf folder
* debugger: Fix usage of unsafe string functions in debugger ui.
* coreinit: Add support for converting coreinit enums to strings.
* coreinit: Move enums to coreinit namespace.
* libcpu: Remove jit_unwind_other from Windows build.
Prevents linker warnings about file with no symbols.
* Bump excmd to fix parsing of escaped whitespace
* Fix bug causing cores to not stop on breakpoints accurately.
* Added NIA information to the thread view.
* Properly handle core paused state information.
* Add the current execution status to the debug info window.
* Properly shut down the application even if the debugger is paused.
* Refactor debugger entirely into its own namespace.
* Make emulator window resizeable.
* Implement the generation of stack unwinding meta-data on Win64.
This allows debuggers (like Visual Studio) to unwind the stack of
our JIT'd functions giving us better insight when debugging through
JIT stack frames.
* Use large virtual memory region for JIT'd code.
This is a prerequiste change of supporting stack unwinding
data for x64 inside the JIT.
* Use virtual memory instead of memory mapped file APIs.
This gives us better control of the protection attributes of
the memory that we are allocating. Note that the mem::protect
method is no longer needed as reserved pages are not granted
any access permissions by default.
* Fix font path for ImgUi.
This was somehow unstaged from my index before I
made the previous commit...
* Refactor decaf api and update decaf-cli to use SDL.
* Initial folder restructuring.

Download: Decaf Git (2016/06/15)
Source: Here

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  1. The author is working hard on this emu, Decaf is having a lot of updates lately.

    Hopefully Decaf can reach the level of Cemu one of these days, Cemu is the better emulator but Decaf is looking really promising.


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