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EmuCR: PCSX2PCSX2 Git (2016/06/18) is compiled. PCSX2 is an open source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator for the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. With the most recent versions, many PS2 games are playable (although speed limitations have made play-to-completion tests for many games impractical), and several games are claimed to have full functionality.

PCSX2 Git Changelog:
* spu2-x: Remove unused DirectSound 5.1 module
It was copied over from SPU2ghz but never actually used.
* cleanup: Remove unnecessary rebuild files
They're used for converting the image files to header files, but they're
outdated and have been unused for quite a while.
* GSDX: Remove redundant "Null" string from GS Frame title bar (#1409)
* GSDX: Remove redundant "Null" string
* GSDX: Convert "GetConfigI" into "GetConfigB"

Download: PCSX2 Git (2016/06/18)
Source: Here

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