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EmuCR: Pokopom PSX Pad PluginPokopom PSX Pad Plugin Git (2016/06/27) is compiled. Pokopom is an imput plugin that supports many emulators like PCSX, PCSX2, PJ64, nullDC, Chankast, etc. Started as a XInput only plugin for X360 controllers, but now it supports linux too (also for X360 controllers) though GUI less. Supports rumble, though it depends on emulator/device. DualShock3 are supported on Windows by using Scarlet.

Pokopom PSX Pad Plugin function
- Supports rumble, with a nice custom curve.
- Extended analog sticks range on corners. (for games like Ape Escape)
- Guitar build for XInput Guitars on Guitar Hero games.

Pokopom PSX Pad Plugin Git Changelog:
* Another version of Esc/Continue workaround...
* Settings load/save fixup.
* Restore default.
Leftover from previous test.
* Fixed rumble while on digital mode.
Hackfix default analog mode after previous ePSXe hackfix. Also, settings must be loaded earlier to take effect.
* Avoid doing initialization and cleanup during Init/Shutdown
Helps ePSXe's stop/continue due to lack of input savestate support.
Also request specific xinput dll for guide button support.
* Maintenance commit, fixes issue #7
Hackfix for Playstation hotplug, avoid hotplug in the middle of an exchange.

Download: Pokopom PSX Pad Plugin Git (2016/06/27)
Source: Here

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