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EmuCR: RiceVideoRiceVideo Git (2016/06/13) is compiled. RiceVideo is an open source video graphic plugin for N64 emulators. All windows-based emulators with plugin support (1964, Project64, Mupen64plus).

RiceVideo Git Changelog:
* Restore Conker to using world_project matrix for conker, was causing serious issues following more what Daedulus was going.
* Add hack for Zelda games to ensure that the heart is not clipped.
* Ensure that the X and Y coordinates used for RSP_MV_WORD_OFFSET_POINT_XYSCREEN is a signed integar, not unsigned. Fixes various odd graphica glitches.
Thanks @weinerschnitzel
* Code cleanups
* Add additional optimizations to conker, need to get it working again
* Use our vector class to handle our Normalise math for SetLightDirection
* Move around structs, slowly prepare for overhauling our texture handling so its cleaner, and not so hacky

Download: RiceVideo Git (2016/06/13) x86
Download: RiceVideo Git (2016/06/13) x64

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