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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2016/07/05) is released. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* Handle the default texture format type of 0 by picking RGBA8.
* Support some more texture formats.
* glsl: Explicitly use different names for uniforms in separate shader stages.
* Stop forcing color buffer to a particular format.
* Updated GPU to GL surface format translation to be more accurate.
* Implement AXSetVoiceOffsets and AXGetVoiceOffsets stub functions.
* Validate framebuffer completeness before rendering.
This allows us to more easily detect cases where it has failed
as well as allows us to avoid breaking Nsight.
* Store some useful information about surfaces with the surface.
* Fix issue with context state values being overwritten.
* glsl: Add new line after gl_PerVertex struct.
* glsl: Only use op2.SRC{0,1}_ABS when it is an OP2 instruction.
* opengl: Remove unused Texture struct.
* Remove unused shader compilation variable.
* Improve shader PPC->Host mapping to account for non-pgm variables.
* Remove unused mTextures array (we use mSurfaces now).
* Update debuggable bitfield to be slightly less hacky.
* Refactored bitfields to allow debugger inspection.
* Add further assertions to GPU surface buffer allocation/retrieval.
* Implement dmae.rpl to perform DMA memory copies and fills.
Note that our implementation does not perform those transfers
asynchronously using GPU DMA as the real WiiU would.
* Implement a stub for AXSetDeviceVolume.
This stops some games from panic'ing due to an invalid
return value from the function.
* Fix bug where Uniform Buffers fetched using array indexing.
* Change GPU Debug Markers to trace log level.
They are annoying.
* kernel: Add kernel call trace filtering.
This allows you to specify kernel trace filters in your config.json
in the format of "[+-]ModuleName::FunctionName", where:
+: enable tracing for all functions which match this filter,
-: disable tracing for all function swhich match this filter,
ModuleName: Can use trailing wildcard.
FunctionName: Optional, can use trailing wildcard.
"kernel_trace_filters": [
"-*", // Disable tracing for every module and every function
"+coreinit::LC*", // Enable tracing for functions in coreinit module which match LC*
"+*::AX*" // Enable tracing for functions in any module which match AX*
Closes #151.
* gx2: Basic tiling aperture implementation.
* glsl: Warn about unusual shaders which have fully masked exports.
* debugger: Implement GX2 Texture/Shader dump menu items.
Whilst I was at it cleaned some formatting nearby, not going to do the
whole file because it is fucking huge.
* Remove left over pragma optimize off.
These were for debugging purposes and committed by mistake.
* glsl: Add support for ALU_ELSE_AFTER.
I'm fairly sure this is just a PUSH ALU ELSE, but I might be wrong...
* Add DRC touch input.
* glsl2: Implement SAMPLE_LZ instruction.
Used in Duck Tales Remastered.
* gx2/opengl: Standardise naming of "count" for index count everywhere.
In gx2 func args it was even called numVertices, u fkin wot m8?
* opengl: auto everywhereererererererrr.

Download: Decaf Git (2016/07/05)
Source: Here

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