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EmuCR:OpenMSX OpenMSX Git (2016/07/12) is complie. OpenMSX is an open source MSX emulator which is free according to the Debian Free Software Guidelines, available under the GNU General Public License.For copyright reasons the emulator cannot be distributed with original BIOS ROM images. OpenMSX includes C-BIOS a minimal implementation of the MSX BIOS, allowing to play quite some games without the need to have an original MSX BIOS ROM image. You can also use your own BIOS ROM image if you please.

OpenMSX Git Changelog:
* More updates on the release notes.
* Revert "Remove hardcoded PlatformToolset after project upgrade."
This reverts commit 7029d63e2ae4329d181b5ddd7b7ccba0cf4cd247.
As we dropped Windows XP support, the toolset can now be hardcoded again.
* Put mailinglist contact options at the end.
* Replace Visual Studio 2013 path with Visual Studio 2015 path
* Use a better example for specifying a different compiler.
As in: don't give an example of a compiler that cannot compile openMSX
* Some updates for Visual Studio compilation.
1. Removed instructions for Windows XP support
2. Some minor updates and layout enhancements

Download: OpenMSX Git (2016/07/14) x86
Download: OpenMSX Git (2016/07/14) x64
Source: Here

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