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EmuCR: RomulusRomulus v0.031 is released. Romulus is a tool. Romulus is a real alternative of your other Rom Managers.

Romulus v0.031 Changlog:
- ADDED More flexible reports with listing columns selection and/or remove columns header text. Elfish request.
- ADDED Support for "romTitle" param at Offlinelist DATs as default filename mask or possibility to set mask as Romulus settings default. Thanks to Johnny gin gasper
- ADDED Support for Unicode filename masks in Offlinelist profiles.
- REMOVED Limit of obligated filename masks of "%n" and "%u" for Offlinelist profiles.
- REMOVED From DAT Groups "Pocketheaven". With some years without updates finally the homepage seems dead.
- IMPROVED Detection of updates in Updater option.
- UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.175 version.
- UPDATED RAR to 3.51 version.
- FIXED Crash problem when Offlinelist filename mask changed from properties option and result filename is empty.
- FIXED Duplicated filename problem when filename mask for Offlinelist profiles changed using properties option.
- FIXED BROKEN Non ascii path problem when creating or opening databases.
- FIXED Rare problem extracting big zip files caused by a Deflate64 method error.
- FIXED Directory maker problem when user try to add ROMpath manually.
- FIXED Launch emulators option removing last path slash to make more compatible with them.
- FIXED Remove cache file when delete a profile in a unicode Romulus path.
- FIXED Clear cache downloads procedure problem causing sometimes freezing when trying to download files or using Updater option.
- FIXED Freeze time when creating a fixdat.
- FIXED Some visual problems with magnified fonts. But use this Windows option is not recommended by me.
- FIXED Updater option profiles collision between Trurip and Tosec.
- FIXED Minor bugs.

Download: Romulus v0.031
Source: Here

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