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EmuCR:OpenMSX OpenMSX Git (2016/07/08) is complie. OpenMSX is an open source MSX emulator which is free according to the Debian Free Software Guidelines, available under the GNU General Public License.For copyright reasons the emulator cannot be distributed with original BIOS ROM images. OpenMSX includes C-BIOS a minimal implementation of the MSX BIOS, allowing to play quite some games without the need to have an original MSX BIOS ROM image. You can also use your own BIOS ROM image if you please.

OpenMSX Git Changelog:
* Only allow one text-to-type argument in type_via_keybuf.
To be even more compatible with the standard type command (via keyboard).
* Allow replacing type with type_via_keybuf.
For this, moved it into a separate script and added a setting to reroute the
type command to the type_via_keybuf or type_via_keyboard (default) command.
The latter command is just a rename of the old 'type' command.
* Reimplement option parsing in type_from_file.
This removes the requirement of the weird order of arguments and options.
Also ignored all options in type_via_keybuf, to improve compatibility with the
old type command.
* Fixed (old) regression in type command option parsing.
Bug was introduced in fa0b5e55319447ea313d9909f2152fc0c0b2bfa5
* Split off type_via_keybuf from type_from_file_via_keybuf.
A preparation to split off type_via_keybuf completely.
* Implement type_from_file with a single type command.
This is a preparation for when the type command itself is implemented
asynchronously, which is the case when the type command is implemented via the
keyboard buffer, getting it filled each interrupt.

Download: OpenMSX Git (2016/07/08) x86
Download: OpenMSX Git (2016/07/08) x64
Source: Here

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