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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2016/08/31) is compiled. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #373 from achurch/byte-overflow
coreinit: Fix uint8_t overflow.
* coreinit: Fix uint8_t overflow.
* snd_core: Add support for 2nd DRC device.
* snd_core: Store more AX Device data.
* coreinit: Add optional VPAD controller support for OSDevice input.
* gx2: Stub some counter functions.
* libdecaf: Print game name, product code, version number after loading.

Download: Decaf Git (2016/08/31)
Source: Here

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