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EmuCR: GLideN64GLideN64 Git (2016/08/29) is compiled. GLideN64 is a new generation, open-source graphics plugin for N64 emulators

GLideN64 Git Changelog:
* Emulate crazy way of shifting image horizontally, which bottom of the 9th uses.
Fixed bottom of the 9th: screen not centered #862
* Fix ColorBufferToRDRAM::_prepareCopy: blit current buffer if its scale is not 1.0
Fixed 640x480 framebuffer bug Perfect Dark (U) #844
* Remove allocated frame buffer if its color depth is less then necessary.
Fixed Majora's Mask screen turns red #790
Problem description:
the game allocates 8bit aux frame buffer when enter to subscreen.
When screen shrink effect started, the game allocates 16bit buffer on the same address.
Since plugin already had buffer allocated, it reused that buffer. Since the buffer's
texture had only red component, whole screen turned red.
Fix: create new buffer if color depth of existing buffer is less than necessary.
* Do not use software depth render when fb emulation is off.
* Do not correct VI width and height in CFB mode.
Fixed MAME64 incorrect menu #861
* LICENCE is spelled LICENSE
* Do not update noise texture when it is not initialized.
* Correct GUI options names and tooltips.
Update translation files.
* Correct MSVS project files.
* GLSL Improvements
* Fix potential segfault in isExtensionSupported
glGetStringi can return 0 if there is an error getting the value. If "name" is 0 (happens in RetroArch using GLES3 for whatever reason), then the strcmp segfaults.
* Use old version of OGLVideo::isExtensionSupported if GL_NUM_EXTENSIONS is not defined.
Fixed GL_NUM_EXTENSIONS is not available on GLES2 #1092
* Rewrite OGLVideo::isExtensionSupported
Code taken from wareya/GLideN64.
* Update translation files.
* Fix OGLVideo::_setBufferSize():
make widescreen hack working when fb emulation disabled.
* rpi/pandora: add -DARM_ASM definition
* Fix CBFD lighting in Android
* Optional fragment based writing of depth
* Fix issues with shader storage and HW lighting in Android
The cause was that we were loading the shader cache before we loaded any
microcodes through GBI. With this change, shader storage will now store
wether it's possible to do HW lighting based on GBI status.
* Set the default location for all GLUniform types to -1
This prevents accidently setting a uniform that we never retrieved a
location for. This fixes GL errors in at least UniformSet.cpp
* Fix double shutdown of the plugin.
video.stop() is also being called in RomClose
* Fix GL error due to incorrect monochrome internal format.
This was cauding a GL error in DepthBufferToRDRAM::init()
* Fix GL error due to setting a uniform that was not located.
* Don't allow different OpenGL versions to share shader cache.
* Remove dead code (glActiveTexture)
* Add widescreen hack support to gSPProcessVertex4
Fixed Widescreen hack broken #1078
* Update GLideN64.custom.ini
update INI version and remove "detectcfb" entries
* Fix shader compilation error in GLES 3.0 mode.
* Fixes some depth issues in Android
* Enable compiler vectorization in android make file.
* Another fix for FBE on Raspberry Pi
* Fix __VEC4_OPT issue for CBFD in gSPCBFDVertex.
This fixes incorrect lighting with VEC4_OPT enabled in CBFD.
* Add legacy blending option:
Use old, fixed functionality based method for emulation of N64 blending modes.

EmuCR: GLideN64

Download: GLideN64 Git (2016/08/29)
Source: Here

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