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EmuCR: Play!Play! Git (2016/08/17) is complied. Play! is an attempt at creating an emulator for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console on the Windows platform. It is currently written in C/C++. It uses an instruction caching/recompilation scheme to achieve better performance while emulating the CPU.

Play! Git Changelog:
* Force file to be opened as read-only when no flags are provided.
* Use proper color for sprite rendering.
* Cleanup.
* Implement streaming functions in Cdvdman.
* Add some autodetected functions.
* Reorganised integer branch delay handling code.
Also made it work with all games that had known issues.
* Use branchValue.
* Add branchValue field in VU OPERANDSET.
* Merge branch 'lego_spike'
* only take the delayed integer value when it is set in the current block.
* Merge branch 'clean' into lego_spike
* deal with edge case where register value is read before the start of the block. It's not ideal, but it's probably sufficient. Fixed brace placement to suit existing convention.
* turned optimisation back on
* use GetAffectedOperands in conditional branch optimisation.
* quick spike to investigate a technique for conditional branching.

EmuCR: Play!

Download: Play! Git (2016/08/17) x86
Download: Play! Git (2016/08/17) x64
Source: Here

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