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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2016/09/02) is compiled. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* ax: Handle voice addresses properly.
* vs: Add missing files to build.
* Merge pull request #376 from achurch/axfx-stubs
snd_core: Add a few more AXFX stubs.
* snd_core: Add a few more AXFX stubs.
* Merge pull request #375 from achurch/override
filesystem: Add missing "override" keywords.
* filesystem: Add missing "override" keywords.
* Add audio data format to debugger voices view.
* filesystem: Add missing file filesystem_posix_host_filehandle.cpp
* kernel: Fix some permission shenanigans preventing default folder creation.
* kernel: Create the Mii database folder.
It's either this, or we make FSWriteFile create all directories it needs.
* kernel: Set mlc/usr path to ReadWrite permissions.
* nn_save: Fix save directory.
* nn_save: Handle account CurrentUserSlot.
* sysapp: Implement SYSGetSystemApplicationTitleId{ByProdArea}.
* decaf: Rewrite filesystem.
Adds support for writing files to host file system.
Adds file permissions to prevent corruption of game files.
* Add check to prevent double-registering AX callbacks.
* Added missing register for AXDeregisterAppFrameCallback.
* Return a SystemApplicationTitleId that is likely more accurate.
* Improve some log message levels.
* Implement WPADControlMotor function to do nothing.
* Implement WPADGetSpeakerVolume function to return off.
* Implement AXFX allocator hooks.
* Implement snd_core AXPrepareEfxData function.
* Remove usage of strcat in filesystem code.
This was breaking some peoples builds.
* Implement some AXFX callback stubs.
* Implement stub one-time warnings.
This causes the log to have a one-time message for each
stubbed function which is called by the application.
* ax: Improve callback register and add deregister.
* Added missing include for strcat on linux.
* opengl: Implement MULLO_UINT shader instruction.
* Fix bug causing FSGetCwd to return invalid paths.
The paths are expected to be postfixed with a trailing
`/`. In the case of the user calling FSChangeCwd, it is
expected to be added if it wasn't already there.
* Implement stubs for more Camera APIs.
* Implement stubs for AXFX GetMemSize functions.
* Fix bug with printing nullptr strings in COSVReport.
* Implemented stub of VPADBASEGetHeadphoneStatus function.
* Added stub for nn::boss::GetBossState function.
* Fix bug with WPadProbe type out value.
* Unbound samplers are not invalid samplers.
An unbound sampler always returns (0,0,0,1) according to
the GL spec. It appears some games rely on this behaviour
as well.
* Implement new debugger dialog for audio voices.
* Significant improvements to audio handling.
This commit refactors the audio system to properly dispatch
all of the callbacks (I think). It also does mixing at the
correct bit levels. It also fixes some bugs with ADPCM
decoding. It also properly downmixes the AUX buffers. It
probably also does other things, but I can't remember
* Rewrite FS host file API to use C rather than C++.
This fixes some strange bugs around EOF handling not matching
what coreinit does.
* Update README.md
* kernel: Use title_version to print game version.

Download: Decaf Git (2016/09/02)
Source: Here

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