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EmuCR: emuControlCenter emuControlCenter v1.20 released. emuControlCenter is an emulator and rom start center for more than 100 retro and nextgen arcade, console, handheld and computer systems. With emuControlCenter you can search and find your favourite games in seconds and start games direct with an simple mouseclick!

emuControlCenter v1.20 Changelog:
* This GITHUB RELEASE means ECC is 'Jailbreaked' in some sort of kind to remove
* limitations and improve it further with the rest of the world ;-)


* ECC.EXE source is FREE/ADDED.
* MAME DAT headers have changed from 'game (' to 'machine (' , therefore adjusted the code to find headers.
* Removed version tags and time stamps from TXT and HTML files in the system userfolders.
* Removed coding and encryption of ECC CORE settings (before ecccore.dat) ECC now loads in the plain PHP settings from ecccore.php.
* New startup sound added.
* Platform generated images and user folders are already generated, so no extra waiting to startup ECC!
* ECC Startup

v3.0.0.0 (2014.08.10)
* Made opensource witch can be manually compiled to ecc.exe.
* Added function to unzip ECC DAT files at first runtime, to prevent big DAT files hosted on Github.
* Removed send bugreport function from startup screen.
* EmuMoviesDownloader (EMD)

v1.2.1.2 (2014.06.24)
* Fixed & Updated encryption en decryption algorithm due to function break in the new autoit version _StringEncrypt has been replaced with _Crypt_EncryptData.
* The account log-in data has to be re-entered due to encryption change!
* ECC Tool Variables

v1.0.0.6 (2014.06.24)
* Updated allround variables for EmuMovies downloader (EMD)
* DatFileUpdater (DFU)

v1.3.0.0 (2016.08.10)
* Added a feature to unpack 7z files DAT files once on first start due to Github filesize limit.
* Updated and fixed platform listings to grab (.c to .cpp) MAME 0.17x+? to create CLRMAME DAT files.
* Removed DAT dates, seems not te be listed in official MAME DAT anymore.
* Fixed creating always the 'backup' folder, now it will be created only when making a backup.
* Fixed NeoGeo platform DAT generation (seems to be neodriv.hxx?)
* Fixed DAT version find from MAME DAT manual update.
* Upped required space to 150MB when doing a manual MAME DAT update.
* Removed check for ECC executable.
eccUpdate (2016.08.10)
* Now using Github to download updates instead of ecc-update server.
* 3RD party updates:

* 7zip v9.32 to v16.02 (2016-05-21)
* Autoit v3.3.12.0 to v3.3.14.2 (2015-09-18)
* Notepad++ v6.6.6 to v6.9.2 (2016-05-18)
* Added file extensions

* Atari ST: IFC
* WiiU: RPX, WUD
* XBox: XBE
* XBox 360: XEX
* Updated DAT files for:

* CPS-1 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* CPS-2 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* CPS-3 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* MAME : v0.159 to v0.176
* MODEL1 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* MODEL2 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* NAOMI : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* NEOGEO : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* PGM : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* S11 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* S16 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* S18 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* S22 : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)
* ZINC : v0.159 to v0.176 (mame)

Download: emuControlCenter v1.20
Source: Here

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  1. Good, but way too large and bloated (120+ mb), and no easy way to remove systems and third-party tools that are not wanted.


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