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EmuCR: PCSX2PCSX2 Git (2016/09/06) is compiled. PCSX2 is an open source PlayStation 2 (PS2) emulator for the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. With the most recent versions, many PS2 games are playable (although speed limitations have made play-to-completion tests for many games impractical), and several games are claimed to have full functionality.

PCSX2 Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #1532 from ssakash/Coverity
PCSX2: Fix a bunch of coverity defects
* SuperVU: Initialize class members
CID 146985 (#1 of 1): Uninitialized pointer field (UNINIT_CTOR)8.
uninit_member: Non-static class member vuxy is not initialized in this
constructor nor in any functions that it calls
* LilyPad: Remove useless self assignment
CID 146888 (#1 of 1): Self assignment (NO_EFFECT)self_assign: Assignment
operation (this->devices[i]->virtualControls + j).uid =
(this->devices[i]->virtualControls + j).uid has no effect.
* Counters: Make the code behavior more explicit
CID 168623 (#1 of 1): Missing break in switch
(MISSING_BREAK)unterminated_case: The case for value
GS_VideoMode::Unknown is not terminated by a 'break' statement.

Download: PCSX2 Git (2016/09/06)
Source: Here

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