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EmuCR: Play!Play! Git (2016/09/06) is complied. Play! is an attempt at creating an emulator for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console on the Windows platform. It is currently written in C/C++. It uses an instruction caching/recompilation scheme to achieve better performance while emulating the CPU.

Play! Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #423 from Thunder07/unix_ui_qt
Linux UI
* linux: replace boost::bind with std::bind
* linux: dialog fixed sizes, removed vfs green header
* linux: missing define and include
* linux: submission guidelines fixes
* linux: configurable controls
* linux: update .gitignore
* linux: VFS manager ui
* linux: Update file open dialog support format
* linux: clean up
* linux: added memory card manager
* linux: reset ROM option
* linux: save before quitting app
* linux: pause on focusout option
* linux: move RegisterPreferences() to MainWindow, save preference after closing SettingsDialog
* linux: OnExecutableChange
* linux: about dialog
* linux: close confirmation
* linux: VirtualMachine Pause/Resume Option
* linux: renamed and removed menuitems
* linux: Added SaveState Options
* linux: remove global.h
* linux: destroy virtualmachine
* linux: clean up
* Make sure OpenGL window is embedded in MainWindow.
* linux: Qt OpenGL Handler
* Added Qt OpenGL Handler
as provided by @jpd002 https://gist.github.com/jpd002/b44fed616bef84681c5f37dcca3b1a1c
* linux: add app and settings icon
* linux: add settings dialog
* linux: added basic controls
* linux: added game select and run options
* initial linux ui

EmuCR: Play!

Download: Play! Git (2016/09/06) x86
Download: Play! Git (2016/09/06) x64
Source: Here


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