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EmuCR:bsnes Emulatorsbsnes-plus Git (2016/10/25) is complied. bsnes-plus (or bsnes+) is a fork of bsnes (based on bsnes-classic) intended to introduce some new features and improvements, mostly aimed at debugging. bsnes is an emulator for the Super Famicom and SNES video game systems. The purpose of the emulator is a bit different from other emulators: it focuses on accuracy, debugging functionality, and clean code.

What's new
- "Step over" and "step out" buttons in debugger
- Improved debugger UI with register editing
- Improved handling of address mirroring for breakpoints (extends to the entire address space, not just RAM)
- Real-time code and data highlighting in memory editor, with fast searching for known code/data locations and unexplored regions
- Cartridge ROM and RAM views in memory editor for mapper-agnostic analysis
- SA-1 disassembly and debugging
- SA-1 bus and BW-RAM viewing and (partial) usage logging
- Super FX disassembly and debugging
- Super FX bus viewing and usage logging
- SPC file dumping
- IPS and BPS soft patching
- Multiple emulation improvements backported from bsnes/higan (mostly via bsnes-classic)

Coming soon
- Rewritten memory editor
- On-the-fly ROM saving and reloading from the memory editor for quick hacking and testing
- More keyboard shortcuts for menus, etc.
- Similar addressing improvements for cheats

bsnes-plus Git Changelog:
* msu1: return to previous flag behavior for $2005
per byuu, this is the intended behavior and the removal was an
unintended regression in higan v95. reverting will continue to keep it
compatible with most higan versions and the sd2snes

Download: bsnes-plus Git (2016/10/25) x86
Download: bsnes-plus Git (2016/10/25) x64
Source: Here

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  1. Can anybody get this plus versions to work? Mines crashes every time!

  2. Can anybody get this plus versions to work? Mines crashes every time!

  3. Replies
    1. But the other bsnes classic works and how do you think it's a virus?

    2. YES!!!


    3. What Anti Virus are you using? Plus, can you try another file sharing likes MEGA, ZIPPYSHARE etc...

    4. на https://mega нет вирусов я знаю !

    5. Yeah...neither the x86 or x64 versions of this have a virus, tested it myself. Your Anti Virus is falsely flagging the .exe as malicious.

  4. In the future, can you compile an accuracy profile binary (e.g. bsnes-accuracy.exe) as well? Only the compatibility profile (as bsnes.exe) is being compiled. Thanks!

  5. So can anyone say if this version works and possibly why it doesn't on mine?


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