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EmuCR: AdvanceMAME AdvanceMAME v1.5 is released. AdvanceMAME is an unofficial MAME version with advanced video support for use with TVs, Arcade Monitors, Fixed Frequencies Monitors, and also for PC Monitors.

* Automatic creation of perfect video modes with the correct size and clock.
* A lot of video boards supported. See the GNU/Linux, DOS and Windows card list.
* Support for 8, 15, 16 and 32 bits video modes.
* Real hardware scanlines.
* Software video image stretching by fractional factors, for example to play vertical games like "Pac-Man" with horizontal Arcade Monitors or TVs.
* Special scale, lq and hq effects to improve the aspect with modern PC Monitors. See Scale2x and hq3x pages for examples.
* Special blit effects to improve the image quality in stretching. See Blit Effetcs for examples.
* Special rgb effects to simulate the aspect of a real Arcade Monitor See Rgb Effetcs for examples.
* Change of the video mode and other video options at runtime. See the Snapshots.
* Support of Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) with a multiple threads architecture in Linux.
* Sound and Video recording in WAV, PNG and .MNG files.
* Multiple mice support in Linux, DOS, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
* Automatic exit after some time of inactivity.
* Scripts capabilities to drive external hardware devices like LCDs and lights.
* Textual configuration files.
* Help screen describing the user input keys.

AdvanceMAME v1.5 Changelog:
* Imported the Toaplan driver from ThunderMAME32Plus-v0.106X.
This adds sound support with samples at the games:
'batsugun', 'dogyuun', 'ghox', 'samesame', 'tekipaki',
'vfive' and 'vimana'.
* Imported the CPS3 driver from ThunderMAME32Plus-v0.106X.
This adds the games: 'sfiii', 'jojo' and 'warzard'.
* Fixed a crashing issue in 68000 games, like Altered Beast.
* Added knocker support to Q*bert. You should see a keyboard
led on when the knocker is active [hainet].
* Set the SCHED_FIFO scheduling policy with sched_setscheduler().
This is reported to improve performance on Raspberry
Pi 2 boards.
Note that this ha effect only with root permission.
You can see in the log for "os: scheduling".
* Windows binaries built with MingW 4.9.3 using the MXE cross compiler at
commit 62bcdbee56e87c81f1faa105b8777a5879d4e2e with targets
i686-w64-mingw32 and x86_64-w64-mingw32 and optimization -O2.
* DOS binaries built with DJGPP 4.8.5 from

Download: AdvanceMAME v1.5
Source: Here

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