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EmuCR: BlueMSXBlueMSX v2.8.3 is released. BlueMSX is a cycle accurate emulator that emulates all generations of MSX computers as well as SVI, ColecoVision and Sega SG-1000.

BlueMSX v2.8.3 Changelog:
x Cartridge history is sorted by system (MSX, Sega SG-1000[+], Coleco, SVI-318/328)
x R-Type savestate bank select bug, causing game corruption on load of savestate
x Sega SG-1000[+] controller fix
x Going to Colecovision then back to MSX turned off joysticks, fix
x Cartridge Insert path is saved for each system (MSX, Sega SG-1000[+], Coleco, SVI-318/328)

Download: BlueMSX v2.8.3
Source: Here

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