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EmuCR:Xbox EmulatorsXQEMU Git (2017/01/09) is compiled. XQEMU is a open source, cross-platform emulator for the original Xbox (and Sega Chihiro). It is currently in very early stages of development. XQEMU is built on-top of QEMU.

XQEMU Status
* Most things don't work
* Everything is slow
* No audio

XQEMU Git Changelog
* stub chihiro usb devices

How to run: Here

Download: XQEMU Git (2017/01/09) x64
Source: Here

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  1. Not realy, if you know what to do its pretty clear. Get Kernel(Complex debug ;) ), mcpx (1.0), hdd image and you can start playing some games (no sound yet).
    I think you dont realy need an hdd for some games and there is a list wich games run so far.

    or check Cxbx ;) also an great emulator.


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