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EmuCR: Cen64Cen64 Git (2017/02/15) is compiled. Cen64 is a Cycle-Accurate Nintendo 64 Simulator.

Cen64 Git Changelog:
* build: build Release with Debug Info by default
We want builds to be fast out of the box, so this option will build a
Release binary using a default cmake configuation.
* build: enable VR4300 busy wait by default
This option increases performance without impacting emulation accuracy.
* build: reorder CPU extensions from newest to oldest, and change default
CPU extensions were previously ordered from oldest to newest, with
oldest (SSE2) being selected by default. This could cause poor
performance for less savvy users. Instead we use Native by default,
which will use the best available for the detected CPU, and list them in
descending order. If the compiled binary uses extensions not available
on the host CPU, the core will throw an error so user experience is not
significantly degraded.
See #56
* core: detect CPU extensions at runtime and throw warning/error
If cen64 is compiled with CPU extensions not supported by the running
CPU, throw an error. If the code is compiled with older extensions but
the running CPU supports faster ones, throw a warning.
* core: add cpuid fetching code from 4996031

Download: Cen64 Git (2017/02/15)
Source: Here

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