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EmuCR: PPSSPPPPSSPP Git (2017/02/20) is compiled. PPSSPP is a fast and portable PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, written in C++.

PPSSPP Git Changelog:
* Missing initialization, warning fixes, fix display of tabs in fast text drawing
* Fix a bad memory leak in sceMpeg
* D3D11: Fix texture loading crash on 32-bit platforms
* Merge pull request #9332 from hrydgard/texcache-unify-2
Further texcache unification
* Texcache: Keep pointers to entries instead of full entries in the map.
* These should be deleted too.
* Forgot to delete CheckFullHash duplicates
* Some member variable renaming to match the convention
* Unify HandleTextureChange
* Centralize SetTexture
* Prepare to unify SetTexture
* Unify Decimate()
* Unify ApplyTexture
* More work towards unifying ApplyTexture
* Work towards unifying ApplyTexture
* Centralize DeleteTexture
* Centralize Texcache::Clear
* Vulkan crashfix
* Move TexCacheEntry outside the TextureCacheCommon class. Nested structs are annoying.
* Take the mapping direction into account in AnalogTestScreen. Hopefully will solve #9300.
* Merge pull request #9328 from hrydgard/homebrew-boot-argument
Fix first argument to homebrew to be the memory stick location.
* Fix the issue where the first argument to homebrew umd0:/EBOOT.PBP instead of their actual location on the memory stick. Fixes #9326
* Merge pull request #9327 from hrydgard/file-io-excl
Implement sceIoCreate flag O_EXCL. Should fix #9322
* Implement sceIoCreate flag O_EXCL. Should fix #9322
* Merge pull request #9329 from hrydgard/shield-texture-fix
Assorted cleanup of GL texture handling. Fixes #9286
* Linux buildfix
* OpenGL DrawContext texture handling cleanup, fixing some bugs.
* Fix even more confusion around 4-bit RGBA texture formats
* Fix minor issue in gamesettings
* Refactor away SetImageData


Download: PPSSPP Git (2017/02/20) x86
Download: PPSSPP Git (2017/02/20) x64
Download: PPSSPP Git (2017/02/20) Android
Source: Here

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