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AprNes (2017/02/24) is released. AprNes is a simple nes emulator.

AprNes (2017/02/24) changelog:
1. Increase Scanline Filter 2x 4x 6x. (Implement NTSC CRT Proportional Correction with YIQ 4: 1: 1 color bleeding)
2. Increase the operation right-click menu function
3. Rebuild the program, improve efficiency
4. repair a lot of test rom did not pass the wrong items. Test results (there may be a small error)
5. Remove third-party library dependencies (program files are currently reduced to only 167KB size)
6. Full-screen mode can be included in the Background directory background image.
PS. This version is suspended after the update, but I will be back.

Download: AprNes (2017/02/24)

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