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Wataroo v0.7.0.2 is released. Wataroo is a Watara SuperVision emulator. Wataroo is closed source and only available for Microsoft Windows. The intentions of this program are to function as both a development tool and preservation of the SuperVision architecture.

What's Emulated
Mappers : STANDARD (16K - 128K)
Button Input

Gamepad Support
Save States
CPU Overclocking
Custom Palettes
Includes 'WaTest' Software

Wataroo v0.7.0.2 Changelog:
Added :

Support for the MAGNUM mapper.
Small (160x160) and Large (800x800) window size presets.
65C02 Address Viewer to WaTest.
Link Port Probe to WaTest.
History section in HTML Help.

Cleanup :

CPU Stall Cycles weren’t accumulating properly.
Increased the silencing cutoff for the pulse channels from a division of zero to three.
DMA Controller actually does support VBUS to CBUS transfers and CPU stalling.
Link Port Registers’ behavior was way off.

EmuCR: Wataroo

Download: Wataroo v0.7.0.2
Source: Here

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