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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2017/03/28) is compiled. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* pm4_capture: Add support for capturing a single frame.
* pm4_capture: Fix bug where last frame would not be captured correctly.
* kernel: Read cos.xml for permission to mount sdcard.
/dev/sdcard01 will now only be mounted if the game has permission to access
the sdcard. This is required because some awful code in One Piece misuses
coreinit::FSGetMountSource, which I'm going to assume only works on the
console because they do not have permission to access SD card.
* coreinit: Implement OSGetSecurityLevel.
* Fix hardware-test build.
* filesystem: Change hostMove to return Result
* filesystem: Fix linux build.
* coreinit: Abort on unrecoverable FS error.
* nn_act: Change user's persistent ID to be same as on a real Wii U.
It starts from 0x80000001, not from 1.
* nn_save: Change SAVEInit to mount common save directory.
Change SAVEInitSaveDir to only mount user specific save directories.
* coreinit: Fix silly copy and pasted bugs in FS{Read,Write}FileWithPos.
* coreinit: Fix missing implicit FSErrorFlag::Exists in FSMountAsync.
* coreinit: Inverse the meaning of error mask.
Will now only return errors specified by errorMask, and will fatal error
on other errors.
* coreinit: Fix incorrect size in FS{Read,Write}FileAsync.
* coreinit: Fix copy pasta bug in FSGetInfoByQueryAsync.
* kernel: Add FSADevice support for FSACommand::Unmount.
* coreinit: Add list of unimplemented FS* functions.
* coreinit: Implement FSUnmount{Async}.
* coreinit: Fix check for vec paddr in ipcPrepareIoctlvRequest.
Should only fail when paddr = nullptr if len != 0.
* kernel: Add FSADevice support for FSACommand::Mount.
* coreinit: Implement FSMount{Async}.
* decaf: Add support for /dev/sdcard01.
Set path in config as system/sdcard-path.
Set path on command line as --sdcard-path .
* coreinit: Implement FSGetMountSource{Next}{Async}.
* kernel: Add missing entry population in FSADevice::readDir.
* coreinit: Fix wrong order of arguments in FSReadFileWithPos.
* coreinit: Restore missing ioctlv paddr for finishReadCmd and finishWriteCmd.
* coreinit: Fix FSGetErrorCodeForViewer where blockBody is nullptr.
* filesystem: Fix incorrect return values in openFile and addFolder.
* kernel: Implement missing commands from FSADevice.
* filesystem: Return error codes from filesystem functions.
* coreinit: Implement FSGetDirSize{Async}.
* kernel: Implement FSADevice ioctlv command WriteFile.
* coreinit: Implement FSGetStatFile{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement fsCmdBlockFinishCmd for getInfoByQuery.
* coreinit: Implement FSTruncateFile{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement FSIsEof{Async}.
* coreinit: Add FSMountSource structure.
* coreinit: Implement FSWriteFile{WithPos}{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement FSGet{Last}ErrorCodeForViewer.
* coreinit: Add missing register for FSGetStateChangeInfo and FSSetStateChangeNotification.
* coreinit: Implement FSGetLastError.
* coreinit: Implement FSGetClientNum.
* coreinit: Implement FSGetVolumeState.
* coreinit: Implement FS{Get,Set}EmulatedError.
* coreinit: Implement FSGetCurrentCmdBlock.
* coreinit: Implement FSGetFSMessage.
I don't think anything ever will use this function, but it's exported nontheless.
* coreinit: Implement FS{Get,Set}CmdPriority.
* coreinit: Implement FSFlushFile{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement FS{Get,Set}UserData.
* coreinit: Implement FSReadDir{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement FSRewindDir{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement FSCloseDir{Async}.
* nn_save: Update to use the new FS functions.
* coreinit: Implement FSFlushQuota{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement FSGetFreeSpaceSize{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement FSRename{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement FSMakeDir{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement FSOpenDir{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement FSGetStat{Async}.
* coreinit: Add some comments to the FS command functions.
* coreinit: Implement FSRemove{Async}.
* coreinit: Implement FSSetFilePos{Async}.
* coreinit: Add FSDelClient.
* coreinit: Use a mutex for FS client queue.
* Add new IOS IPC based filesystem implementation.
* tests: Remove hle test binaries.
* tests: Add filesystem_read test.
* Change tests/hle to use the CMake version of wut.
* be_ptr: Fix implicit integer cast.
* coreinit: Run a startup function on each default thread for initialisation.
* coreinit: Add pinThreadAffinity and unpinThreadAffinity.
* coreinit: Add internal::msToTicks time conversion.
* filesystem: Change filesystem handles to use shared_ptr.
* Add explicit be_ptr cast operator.
* Add docs/ to .gitignore.
* coreinit: Fix SI device controller status button bits.

Download: Decaf Git (2017/03/28)
Source: Here

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