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EmuCR: DSP EmulatorDSP Emulator v0.17b2 (2017/03/11) is released. DSP Emulator is a new version of the ZX SPECTRUM +3, ZX Spectrum 128, ZX Spectrum 48, Arcade, Amstrad CPC 464, NES and Game Boy emulator.

DSP Emulator Changelog:
-All WIP previous enhacements
+Fixed a bug when entering the options menu without starting a driver (Thanks to FJ Marti)
+If a driver is not initialized when exiting the list, no buttons are displayed
+Added multiple directories for arcade ROMS separated by ';' (requested by Davide)
+Fixed enter full screen when changing from video menu
+K054000: Added protection chip
+K053246-K053247-K055673: Implemented functions to show sprites
-GameBoy/GameBoy Color
+Rewritted the video functions
+Corrected read/write of MBC5 mapper extra memory
+Corrected the sound 'mode 3'
+Corrected reading of the joystick/buttons when ussing the IRQ
+Improved way to compare the current line that generates an IRQ
+Improved timings of the current line
+GameBoy Color
-Corrected the size of the palette records. Fixed when the palette pointer is automatically advanced
-Improved way to change speed
+Improved loading a cartridge with an extra header before the data
+Added mappers HuC-1 (to be confirmed) and MBC2
-Pacman HW
+Added the rest of dipswitch
+Added screen rotation
+Crush Roller: Added driver with sound
-Galaxian HW
+Fixed Scrambre sound, caused errors when closing the driver
+Corrected audio initialization
+TMNT: Changed the ROMS to 2 players version
-The Simpsons
+Fixed video and audio
+Graphics problems (possible bug in the CPU)
+Changed the ROMS to the 2 Players version (requested by Davide)
-Vendetta (requested by Davide)
+Added driver with sound

Download: DSP Emulator v0.17b2 (2017/03/11) x86
Download: DSP Emulator v0.17b2 (2017/03/11) x64
Source: Here

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