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EmuCR: GLideN64GLideN64 Git (2017/03/12) is compiled. GLideN64 is a new generation, open-source graphics plugin for N64 emulators

GLideN64 Git Changelog:
* Update translation files: added texture filters
* UI: Texture filter/enhancement dropdowns can now be localised
* Revert "Rename opengl_ColorBufferReaderWithBUfferStorage.h/cpp"
This reverts commit 58ddf8822c9632980890190325791abf3375e61a.
* Correct read from RDRAM in FrameBuffer::isValid
Fixed out of bounds read in Pokemon Stadium 2.
* Disable texcoord attribs for fillrect.
Fixed fillrects in Pokemon Stadium 2.
* Revert "Correct CombinerInfo::_compile for 1 cycle mode."
This reverts commit efcb7b322749e219dc9194855d5fdd2f26af2021.
1 cycle mode uses combiner equations from 2nd cycle; equations from 1st
cycle must be ignored. Example: F-1 Pole Position language selection menu.
* Fix viewport set in DisplayWindowMupen64plus::_swapBuffers()
Fixed Native resolution factor seems broken #1404
* UI: Custom crop and windowed resolution shows/hides rather than enables/disables
* Fix circular dependency of GLideNHQ to GLideN64
Specifically TxQuantize.cpp was referencing arrays defined in GLideN64.
* Cleanup Android make files
* Fix compile and link on MAC_OS_X
* Remove annoying cmake message "bcm_host.h not found"
* UI: Fixing contributor typos
* Code refactor: move gDP.rectColor initialization to gDP.cpp
* Hacky fix for RPi depth issues
* Up shader storage version.
* Replace rectAttrib::color by uniform.
* Disable DepthBufferToRDRAM if PixelReadBuffer is not available.
* Revert "Code cleanup: remove unused variable in GraphicsDrawer::updateScissor"
This reverts commit 87f1ab79a0b92fa9769df115bc8ef7117cfbd764.
* Code cleanup: correct aux buffer detection in FrameBufferList::copyAux() and FrameBufferList::removeAux()
* Code cleanup: remove unused variable in GraphicsDrawer::updateScissor
* Code cleanup: remove unused move constructor for DepthBuffer
* Code cleanup: remove unised field from struct colorImage.
* Code cleanup: remove redundant parameter from FrameBuffer::init.
* german translation part 3
Add missing comments.
* german translation: fix special signs
* UI: Disabling frame buffer doesn't disable filters/AA
* Always render to FBO, even when frame buffer emulation is disabled.
* Code cleanup in FrameBufferList::renderBuffer: remove redundant casts to ObjectHandle.
* Up ShaderStorageFormatVersion.
* Silence clang warning.
* Rename opengl_ColorBufferReaderWithBUfferStorage.h/cpp
This allow compilation with clang in Anroid Studio with Windows. This file
name was too long for some reason.
* Add ResizeVideoOutput to MupenPlusPluginAPI

EmuCR: GLideN64

Download: GLideN64 Git (2017/03/12)
Source: Here

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