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EmuCR: rpcs3 rpcs3 Git (2017/03/03) is compiled. rpcs3 is an open source PlayStation 3 (PS3) emulator for the Microsoft Windows. Current versions can run only small homebrew for PS3. Developers are planning to make it to emulate PS3 on its speed in the near future.

rpcs3 purpose:
- Make PS3 developers easily test their apps and homebrews on PC without crashing their PS3 or moving their apps from PC to PS3.
- Just playing PS3 games on your PC and have fun! ( In the future )

rpcs3 Git Changelog:
* Default LLE option
* TravisCI: use ccache (#2448)
* Merge pull request #2447 from kd-11/cache_invalidation_fix
gl/vk/cache: Fix invalidating intersecting and overlapping memory regions
* gl/vk/cache: Fix invalidating intersecting and overlapping memory regions
whitespace fix
* Merge pull request #2391 from kd-11/rsx_surface_tests
gl/vk/rsx: Improve texture cache
* vk: Fix cache range computation
* Fix linux build (travis-ci)
* gl: Relax requirement to EXT_DSA from ARB_DSA to better support linux
* gl: Fix a fence deadlock in fence::wait_for_signal
gl: Fix potential race condition when executing local work queue
* gl: Ensure correct sized pbo is created upon reset
* gl: Change clear timing to immediate
gl: Handle cell write to locked RTT region
addendum: Fix buffer locking (personal 4)
* rsx/gl: Minor refactoring; prepare vulkan backend
* rsx: Minor optimization (tangible boost)
* gl: Rewrite texture cache
gl: scale downloaded RTT images
* Stub sys_gamepad ycon interface (#2435)
* Attempt to add sys_gamepad...
* Stub ycon methods
Signed-off-by: clienthax
* Fix cellDiscGameGetBootDiscInfo (#2430)
cellDiscGameGetBootDiscInfo is called by non-disc games for some reason.
That wasn't accounted for and therefore it would try to read PARAM.SFO
from an unmounted path and throw an access violation.
Tested with NBA Live 08 Demo NPUB90029, probably fixes similar games as
* LLVM fix
* Fixed VFS initialization order
Fixed RAP location for SELF
Fixed custom config loading
* unpkg improved
Initial content_type parsing
Added PSP2 support
* rsx: image_in fix for clipx/y (#2440)
* sceNp: Fix ExitSpawn, Implement VerifyUpgradeLicense (#2428)
* sceNp: Fix ExitSpawn and ExitSpawn2
Fixes sceNpDrmProcessExitSpawn and sceNpDrmProcessExitSpawn2
The problem was that first argument klicensee was missing, therefore
shifting every other argument out of place and throwing an access
violation at the end.
* Use npDrmIsAvailable on sceNpDrmProcessExitSpawn
Tries to decrypt DRM file with provided klicensee
* Implement sceNpDrmVerifyUpgradeLicense
Implements sceNpDrmVerifyUpgradeLicense / sceNpDrmVerifyUpgradeLicense2
* LLVM: splitting and caching
* Merge pull request #2426 from kd-11/gl_rsx_wip
Implement BRB opcode
* [rsx/vp] Improve BRB opcode implementation
fix merge issues
* libnet: recvfrom() fix (#2427)
Prevents emulator crash when invalid socket is provided to the function
* LLVM: block borders fixed
* Stack overflow constrained
* Minor fix (linux)
* shared_mutex fix (linux)
* Complex STOP 0x0 hack
* sys_spu_thread_send_event fix
* Disable PPU interpreter (precise)
* load config.yaml settings in a new configpergame
* pergameconfig : create directory if not exists
* per game config.yml (#2418)

Download: rpcs3 Git (2017/03/03) x64
Source: Here

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