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EmuCR: Project64Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2017/04/02) is compiled. It is a HLE audio plugin for N64 emulators written by Azimer.

Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git Changelog:
* USE_PRINTF fix to remove std namespace -- fixes XBox build
* Revised the way the sound factory knows whether a sound driver exists - also doubled XA2 queued buffers
The first change is made to decouple the SoundFactory implementation
from the specific drivers. Simply excluding a driver from the build
will now no longer make it available for selection. The second change
is one I hope fixing some issues for @Frank-74 . By doubling the number
of buffers available in XA2 implementation we shouldn't run into an
issue with the buffers depleting completely. Wait and see...
* Made some DS8 changes
I believe this should correct a no audio issue in certain circumstances.
* Merge pull request #193 from Frank-74/patch-2
Fix default config settings.
* Fix default config settings.
Defaults weren't saved if AziCfg.bin didn't exist.

Download: Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2017/04/02) x86
Download: Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2017/04/02) x64
Source: Here

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