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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2017/04/14) is compiled. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* Update appveyor.yml
* Update appveyor to use VS2017
* debugger: Add hotkey to show / hide debugger.
Forgot about this... oops!
* kernel: Print out vectors in IOS DebugOutDevice ioctlv
* gdb: Send empty reply for unknown vCommands.
* gdb: Handle qTStatus.
* gdb: Handle qAttached.
* gdb: Send ACK before reply.
* Fix linux build
* Abstract Windows / POSIX socket differences behind platform_socket.h
* Fix build
* Refactor debugger and add a gdb stub.

Download: Decaf Git (2017/04/14)
Source: Here

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