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EmuCR: BizHawkBizHawk Git (2017/05/23) is compiled. BizHawk is a A multi-system emulator written in C#. BizHawk provides nice features for casual gamers such as full screen, and joypad support in addition to full rerecording and debugging tools for all system cores.

BizHawk Supported Systems
* Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, Famicom Disk System
* Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Famicom
* Nintendo 64
* Game Boy, Super Game Boy, and Game Boy Color
* Game Boy Advance
* Sony PlayStation
* Sega Master System, Game Gear, and SG-1000
* Sega Genesis
* Sega Saturn
* NEC PC Engine (AKA TurboGrafx-16), including SuperGrafx and PCE CD
* Atari 2600
* Atari 7800
* Atari Lynx
* ColecoVision
* TI-83 graphing calculator
* Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color
* Apple II

BizHawk Git Changelog:
* Move _luaList from LuaConsole to LuaImp
* C64: Start SID Filtering
Set up infrastructure
Still a lot to do.
* Update BizHawk.Emulation.Cores.csproj
* Add FFT source to C64
Thanks to jdpurcell for the code
* cleanups in ToolManager
* Disable SNES, Intellivision, Colecovision controller settings menu items when a movie is active
* Mainform - restore Autohawk click event, remove some unused methods
* Mainform cleanup round 2
* Remove GlobalWin.CR_GL because it wasn't being used
* Misc mainform cleanups
* add path to "loaded config" and "saved config" messages. Fix problems where keybindings arent automatically applied when loading a configfile. Fixes #851
* Update MMC3 to remove RewireNametable_TLSROM
* organize mainform menu item event methods
* since Global.AutofireNullControlls was only being used by Mainform, move it there instead of having in Globals

Download: BizHawk Git (2017/05/23) x86
Download: BizHawk Git (2017/05/23) x64
Source: Here

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